A place called Eden…

Something funny happened to me yesterday. 🙂

We went to Eden because our clients wanted to see the subdivisions there. Our first stop was Eden Ridge. He liked it but since it’s still being developed, it would not serve the purpose. He wants to build a rest house soon.
Next stop was at Fernwood. – http://davaoproperties.com/LFS-42.html .  Our client loves the place! But since it’s mostly sold , the choices are very limited.

So off we went to our final stop. Mountain Haven. –


I asked John to please take us to the clubhouse first because I needed to go to the bathroom. Of course, I locked the door right? The problem was I could no longer get out! haha… I don’t know what happened. But the door lock got stuck. lol  It took the utility incharge forever to open it. It was so embarrassing because the clients were outside waiting for me. All of us burst out laughing when I finally came out. hahaha…
That’s the reason why I thought of writing about the place. I simply love Eden. If we do not have to be in downtown everyday, that’s where John and I will probably live.
Unlike the city, the temperature up there is a lot cooler. Sometimes it’s less than 10 degree celsius!  I can breathe better there because the air is fresher. It’s wonderful for those who have sinusitis and migraine.

How To Go There:

It’s about 45mins ride from downtown Davao, so it’s better if you bring your own car. Taxi would be very expensive specially if you let them wait. If you’re planning of a family holiday, I would suggest that you rent a van. The rent is only P2,500.00 per day.

Where To Stay:

There are 2 choices. One is Loleng’s . It was named after the owner Dolores P. Torres. Their family owns University of Mindanao , WT FM and a local radio station called DXUM, among other things.

I like their cottages because they’re more spacious. They have a swimming pool and a boating area. Their restaurant is on top so you get a view of Davao City and Samal Island, while relaxing and dining. 🙂 I love their grilled liempo there! Not so healthy huh? lol .. But then again, life is short. So why not? haha

With Mama.
My youngest sister, Daisy.
My nephews: Blaire, Marco, Matt and Franco.
With my sister Pearlie, Loleng’s Resto. Davao and Samal island on the background.
Entrance Fee: Php80 per head             Cottage  Cost: P2,500.00 per night          Food: prices vary per order
                                                                                                                                                ( food is good!)
I would upload more pictures if I could. But when John’s hard drive crashed, I lost my photo collections.  We learned a valuable lesson that day. Save your pictures in 2 different hard drives! And save it online as well…
The other Resort is called Eden Nature Park.  What I like about their cottages is that their porch/terrace has screens. So you can hang out as long as you want outdoor and not worry about mosquito or bug bites.
And then they have buffet. 🙂 Breakfast, lunch or dinner. So you won’t get hungry. I didn’t! LOL  They serve salad which were freshly picked from their garden. It’s organic so for those who are health buffs, you’ll love it…  There are so many options so you just choose from the buffet table. You can’t go wrong because everything tastes good. 🙂

Lunch at Eden on valentine’s. 🙂


Entrance Fee :  P180 per head (with merienda – plated)
                         P480 per head (with buffet lunch/dinner)
Cottage Cost:   P2,500.00 per night     (check with www.agoda.com – they have offers from time to
                                                                time, for cheaper prices)

Cottage in Eden.


Ahh… this is going to be a long list. 🙂
a) Fishing   – my most favorite. Their pond is filled with Tilapia and Hito. I don’t eat those. But I
    don’t care. haha… And so I fish! And scream with excitement. And fish some more!
                     Entrance Fee: Php55.00               
                     Cost of Tilapia and Hito per kilo: Php180.00

Finally, I caught a Tilapia! haha


b) Resort Tour – I love this too! The view is breath taking. Plus you get to commune with nature and smell the flowers and the herbs from their garden.
                       Shuttle Fee: P100.00 per head

At the flower garden.


The organic garden.


Herbal Garden in the background. 🙂


  3. Adventure :
      Indiana Jones – I don’t know why it’s called like that. But I’ll have the pictures speak for
       themselves. lol

Marco, my nephew. And his papa, Ruben. 🙂


Mattskie.. he’s studying in Japan now. 🙂


   Horse Back Riding:
I will never be an equestrienne. But no one can stop me from having fun. As in, trying hard
jud! hahaha….
Eden has a zipline also, for those who want extreme adventure. Maybe, one day I will have the guts to try it. 🙂 They also have a swimming pool, but since the temperature is very cool, you might not like it.  I also love their bird and butterfly sanctuary
Other Interesting Things:
We usually stop at this store on the way home to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. 🙂
We, Davaoenos, are so lucky. We are blessed with cool mountain resorts. And then if we want to go to the beach, we just pack our things and head towards Samal island.. 🙂
I’ll share about that next time… Hope you enjoy my ramblings! hehe

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  1. hi lea!this place is nice. once im sure to pursue my davao trip, inform kita right away! thanks!


  2. Lea says:

    Hello Chyng, Ok, thanks! 🙂


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