Angkor Archaelogical Park – Bayon Temple

The main reason for our Southeast Asian Trip was to visit Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia. So we stayed in SR for 5days to ensure that we get to see the place without rushing through it.  The first thing we did was hire a tour guide. The fee was $20 per day. They’ll tell you at first that it’s $25 but you have to haggle. 🙂 Our tour guide asked what kind of transpo do we want. Of course, we said “tuktuk” for the experience. The fee was $15 per day. Being the stingy me, I asked if we can make it $100 total for 3 days. They agreed. Yehey!

I am glad that we chose to ride the “Tuktuk”. For my Filipino friends, a tuktuk can be compared to our “Trisikad”. The difference is that it looks like a karitela, instead of being pulled by a horse, they’re using a motorcyle. Siem Reap is very clean. So there’s no worry of dust. Specially on the way to Angkor. The road is filled with trees so the air is so fresh and cool when it touches your skin. It’s better than an airconditioned car!  Plus I felt like a princess riding in one. haha..

Tuktuk ride, on our way to Angkor.
From the hotel, our tuktuk driver led us to the ticket center. I believe that the pass cost $20 per day. But we only paid the discounted price of $40 for a 3 day pass. You cannot enter Angkor Archaelogical Park without the pass because the guards at the main entrance will inspect it. The gate pass has your picture in it and it states the number of days you will be allowed to enter the park. 
Angkor Archaelogical Park was declared a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. The 400 square mile park is a protected area because of the 1,000 temples dating back from 9th to 15th century, which are scattered all over the place.
We went first to Bayon Temple because Angkor Wat was too crowded. Besides, it is better viewed around 1-2 pm when the sun is behind it. It’s supposed to be better for photography. But well, August is their rainy season so it was mostly cloudy when we were there. It did not stop me from taking a thousand pictures though.. hahaha. Thank God for digital cameras!
I love this temple, (built in the 12th century), because it tells the story of the Khmer people. Like reading a book, as you enter the temple, you’ll find carvings on the wall depicting their daily life. It felt like I was transported to their time while looking at the etchings on the wall. What amazed me was the time they spent on carving them. They were so intricate, I believe, it must have taken them years to finish them.
The main entrance of the Bayon itself is spectacular. You walk through a 100 meter pavement with moats on each side. Each side have statues depicting their Gods and supposedly  the “devils” showing  the good and the bad.
One of the images at the entrance of Bayon. I love the moat beside it!


The Corridor at Bayon Temple.
The man on top of the tree, trying to hide from the tiger.

Sadly, the man got eaten by the tiger. 😦

The Fishermen…
Ahh.. it’s party time. 🙂
Bayon is famous for its giant stone faces that adorn the top of the temple. To think that they built everything by hand is simply amazing. This is just one temple. And there are 1000 in the area. Think , how many people gave their lives to the king, for these temples to be erected. It must have been millions. I am sure many of them died. 😦  But their legacy lives on.
I am glad that Unesco is doing their best to preserve Angkor. It is such a wonder to see an empire still standing after a thousand years…
Lea C. Walker

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