Somadevi Angkor Hotel and Spa

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of Somadevi Angkor Hotel and Spa for making our stay in Siem Reap wonderful. 🙂


The kingsize bed was so comfortable!

After a long day of travel and a very tiring border experience (read my previous blog so you will understand what I’m talking about 🙂 , we arrived in Siem Reap around 4 in the            afternoon.

Upon entering the hotel, the staff immediately got our luggages and one of them handed us 2 glasses of fruit juice and 2 very cold face towels. It felt like heaven after all that we’ve been through. They let us rest for a few minutes then did a fast and efficient check-in.

When we got into our room, I was impressed with its cleanliness. The bathroom had a big tub and a separate shower.  Our room had a sliding door which opened to a wide verandah overlooking the swimming pool and the sunken bar.
I simply loved it. 🙂
The view from our room.


SOMADEVI was named after Cambodian Queen who led Cambodia in the first century during the Khmer Empire Period. Based on her successful merits in making Cambodia as the most well-known country in South East Asia in terms of society and infrastructure, her name continues to rise in the mind of today’s Cambodian people.
You’ll see from the lobby  the rich culture of the Khmer Empire through its design and architecture.


When I booked the hotel online, I opted to have a free breakfast. That way, we will not be stressed out looking for food every morning. I am glad I did because their food is good. They had an extensive breakfast buffet which consisted of a salad bar, bread counter, rice (btw, their rice is good) , the usual ham , bacon, etc. They also had a counter where you just tell them how you want your eggs done. 🙂

Their menu for lunch and dinner are not that many. But the ones we ordered were very delicious. The price is the same with the top restaurants in Siem Reap. The difference is that, I am sure the Somadevi kitchen is very clean. 🙂 Let me explain. Our tour guide brought us one time to a famous Khmer Restaurant in SR. The food was good. But when I went to the bathroom before we left, I was disgusted. Their CR was full of cockroaches. So John and I decided to just eat at the hotel the rest of our stay there.
Bread in a basket, fish and fries for John.
Deep Fried Prawns… Yummy!!!
The hotel is within downtown Siem Reap. Their main gate though is about 50 meters from the highway so it is not noisy, at all.  Back at the main road, when you turn right , you will immediately see a Money Exchange place.  When we were there, the exchange rate for $1 is 4,100.00 cambodian riel.  Please note that Cambodia uses US dollar so it’s easier to just exchange your currency to USD.
Further ahead, you’ll find a Khmer massage place. After visiting the temples during day time, getting a massage feels like it’s the best decision you’ve ever made. 🙂  Then, there’s a convenience store and a big grocery store about 100 meters ahead. Get your water and softdrinks there before going to the temples because if you don’t, then you’ll have to shed out $1 per one bottle of mineral water at Angkor park. 🙂
The famous Angkor Night Market is about 2 blocks away from the hotel. You can take a leisurely walk at night or opt to ride in a tuktuk for $1 . John and I chose to ride because our feet were killing us already.  I’ll share about the night market next time. 🙂
I am so glad that we stayed at Somadevi Angkor Hotel and Spa. It made our stay in Siem Reap very beautiful and memorable.

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