Road Trip 2016 – Enroute to Tinuy-an Falls

It’s that time of the year once again. Our yearly road trip that is… 🙂 This time our itinerary concentrated on Surigao Del Sur and Agusan Provinces.

We left Davao City around 6:00 in the morning. Our first destination – Tinuy-an Falls. My family and I have been there three times already. But most of our staff haven’t. Hence, the reason for this visit.

As per google map, going through Barobo is a longer route. So the hubby and I opted for the Trento-Cuevas road, which would shorten the distance by about 1.5 hours. Honestly, we have no idea what awaits us in this road as we have never been there yet. My sister hated me for about an hour because she heard that this road was dangerous and that we shouldn’t be trying it. At all.  lol

But well, one travels to experience places right? And this is one of those days.

The verdict? See for yourselves. 🙂

I took this photo in Tibungco. I noticed that Davao is really clean even early in the morning. Makes me proud to be a Davaoena!


Tagum City is also very nice and clean. 🙂


Okay , the photos below were taken at the Trento-Cuevas road. It is at least 2 hours from Tagum City.

When I saw these two young girls walking beside the road, I realized that it must be safe. Because they wouldn’t be there if it isn’t,  right?

IMG_5797 IMG_5809 IMG_5808 IMG_5802 IMG_5800

We would have missed the above panoramic vistas, if we took the other route. I tell you, this is far better than fighting the traffic along the main highway. This road isn’t crowded at all. It is mostly concrete , except for the portions that are being repaired.



Moving on… 🙂

The river below looked so clean.



In one of the overlooks. Beautiful right?


Sorry for the reflection on the windshield.  I just loved the trees in this part of the trip. 🙂


Common transportation in Agusan.


This one is so full , it must have been difficult for the passengers.


Found a small town in the middle of nowhere.

The road may be small but it’s paved…


We came out of this mountain road in Bislig City, one of the biggest cities in Surigao Del Sur. The google map below will show you where it is.

Tinuy-an Falls Map

To those who plan on driving to Tinuy-an Falls this summer, you now have an idea of the Trento-Cuevas road. I thought of writing about it because I didn’t find much information about this short cut road during my research, that’s why. Hopefully, it will help you in your travels.

One thing I learned about this trip is the fact that not everything we hear is true. I am glad that we did not let our fear of the unknown hinder us in trying this route because we loved this part of our road trip.

This is just the beginning. 🙂 I will be writing soon about Tinuy-an Falls in my next blog entry.

Thank you for visiting and Happy Easter everyone! 🙂



Lea C. Walker


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4 Responses to Road Trip 2016 – Enroute to Tinuy-an Falls

  1. Mike Wan says:

    Hi Lea, my family of 4 plan to go to Tinuy-an Falls during summer break. We were told by some friends that the journey to the Falls has some rough and steep stretch. Will our 1000 cc car be able to take us up to the falls ? I am looking forward to your next blog on your trip.


    • Hello Mike,

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

      I saw a tricycle going up the hill there. The passengers pushed it because it couldn’t go up.

      I am sure your car is bigger than that so maybe there won’t be a problem. But to be sure, check the luggage/baggage weight.

      And yes on the road. It was worse than our previous trip. 😦 I will write about it in my next entry.

      I talked to the employees assigned at Tinuy-an. I was told that they requested for a grader. But the holy week came and gone, nothing happened.

      Hopefully it will be graded soon.

      Hope this helps. Thank you.



  2. ali says:

    i love your blog..i get my travel ideas from the way correction ms lea ang picture sa holcim is Brgy. Ilang not yet Tibungco.


    • Hello Ali,

      Thank you for reading my blog. 🙂

      I stand corrected. I should have said, Ilang-Tibungco. Gi short cut nako into Tibungco lang, it being a part of Tibungco District I believe.

      Thank you.



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