Our PLDT Saga

I am so happy my internet connection is back! We lost ours since August 30. That’s 12 days of no internet connection. Tsk.. tsk..

The whole month of August, our connection was intermittent. But at the end of the month, we finally lost it. And so my PLDT saga started….

PLDT  (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.) is our provider. For DSL troubleshooting hotline, I had to call 172. I was told to monitor our line for 24-48 hours. I said ok, no problem.

On the 3rd day, our connection came back. For a day. 🙂

The next day, it was gone. Again.  So I made a follow up to 172. Again. And got the same response, monitor for 24-48 hours. Again. 🙂

Several days later, I still don’t have a connection. So imagine my frustration when I have works to do at nights and when I wake up each morning. It’s a good thing that John thought of my Smart Infinity Cellphone’s Plan. There’s this “tethering” program which connects the pc to the phone and voila, I can use the desktop.

I’ve been sending emails to clients through my cellphone you see. And though that is convenient, I find it difficult to type long emails , to at least 10 -20 people per day. It hurts my eyes too! 🙂 With the 40’s life, comes changes. In my case, I’ve become farsighted. Can you imagine typing on your Samsung Note 2 and make sure it is a little far away so you can read your email? LOL

Yeah, yeah.. you’d say why won’t you send emails in your office then? Yep, I can do that. But my real work is on the field. Everyday. So my office, is actually , my secretary’s office. I do not get to sit there as often as I want to. 🙂 My real office is whichever vehicle I use for the day. Seriously.

So, to continue with this saga…. Thursday brought a big storm causing the black out in our area. A few minutes later, we heard an explosion beside our house. Our neighbor saw what happened. It turned our that the transformer exploded. Must have affected the telephone box too because our modem got fried. And we lost our telephone’s dial tone.

Using my other phone line, I called up 173 this time to report what happened. Of course you know the answer already right? Monitor for 24-48 hours. 🙂 True enough, we got back our dial tone about 36 hours later.

But I still do not have a PLDT modem. That means, no internet still.

So I had to follow up through 172 again. I was told that since the dial tone is back, I have to call 173 and ask for them to close the fault ticket. So the 172 (DSL) technicians can fix our problem. You’d think that’s easy right?

Yeah, right. Ninety Six (96) hours later… 🙂  the fault ticket is STILL open.

So I emailed PLDT’s customer service to report my concern.

I also went to their main office along Ponciano St. Only to be told that “ma’am you need to call the hotline”. I could have laughed at the irony of it. Geee.. only in the Philippines!

After a very long explanation, the woman who entertained me said ” we cannot do anything here ma’am , except email the central office. We are not allowed to call the hotline. So you will have to do it”. Oh well… I was so drained after all that so I just said “ok”.

Of course it wasn’t ok. But what can you do. What I didn’t like about this is that, when I asked about a refund after I get back my connection, I am supposed to write a formal letter of request. Subject to their head office’ approval.

In a perfect world, I believe that the company is supposed to just give you a rebate for all the inconveniences. But well, I live in a 3rd world country after all. So customer service means nada.. zilcht.. zero..

Don’t get me wrong. I love my country. But sometimes, instances like these make me wish that you know, things are better. And that the system is better.

Ahh.. I hope to see the day….



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