Outback Grill

The first time I saw the roof of Outback Grill, I laughed. I found the crashed airplane on top of it quirky and funny. It is eccentric right? But the owners have a sense of humor, I have to give them that. lol

John and I first visited their place on Valentine’s Day. We came from Samal Island that day, so we were both wearing shorts. You just can’t go to Marco Polo wearing that! 🙂 That’s why when we passed by Outback Grill, we both thought that it’s perfect!

We liked our experience that time. Specially when the band started to play the mellow love songs…

Err… Let me correct that. I liked the love songs. John likes the more upbeat ones. Infact when I start singing the 80’s music, he’d playfully sing “yellow submarine” just to mess up with me. ha ha…

So going back to Outback grill,  we had the chance  to visit them again recently. 🙂 We came early this time, so I had the chance to take photos. It is difficult to do that with other people around.

The guy from the airplane that crashed on the roof.. lol

The guy from the airplane that crashed on the roof.. lol


The kids loved the place because there are huge animal statues they can play with.

The kids loved the place because there are huge animal statues they can play with.

Sizzling Gambas.

Sizzling Gambas.

I ordered sizzling gambas. Oh it’s so good! But if you don’t like hot and spicy food, then this isn’t for you. 🙂 I kept drinking my iced tea because it was so hot. But I still kept on eating it. ha ha..

John liked their ribs as well. It came with an orange colored mac and cheese. And a corn cob. The mac and cheese is kinda sweet so it’s more like a dessert. He didn’t like that  so I ended up eating more of it.  The corn cob was perfect!

While we were eating, Andrew  the owner ,  came to our table and asked where John came from, etc. They ended up talking for awhile. He’s another foreigner living in Davao. And he’s loving it.. 🙂

Well, what’s not to love? 🙂 After all, Davao is one of the best cities in the Philippines.  Or should I say, the best city in the Philippines? hehe.. I know, I know. You’d say I’m biased. lol

Outback Grill is located in Bacaca Road, Davao City. It is just across the Bacaca Entrance of Ladislawa Garden Village. If you’re not from Davao, just mention the words Ladislawa and Bacaca road  to the taxi drivers and they’ll take you there without a problem.

The restaurant is perfect for a family night out.  It is a fun filled place with good food.

The price is just right too! 🙂

Outback Grill

Thank you to our waiter, for the picture above. 🙂




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