The Marriott Cafe

We only get to visit this place once a year because we live in Davao. And Manila , is 1 hour and 45 minutes away by plane.

So when we go to the U.S. , we make it a point to visit The Marriott Café, during our stop over in the country’s capital.

Why? Because their sumptuous buffet is a must! That is why… 🙂


That night, I had seafood galore. I’m not much of a clam eater. So I just concentrated on their prawns and lobsters. The chef will cook them any way you want to. But I had mine just grilled. Ahhh.. perfect with a little vinegar… They have other sauce. I just love vinegar on mine.

So now, i’m hungry again… 🙂

Look at those, don’t they look delicious? Oh those are just the first batch. I’m sure I ate more than we paid. ha ha


The chef in the middle told me to try their grilled fish. So I did. He topped it with mango sauce. And that was yummy. I went to their counter ,  told them what I thought and said, thank you.

They were happy chefs. 🙂 You can see from the picture right? ha ha

It is so nice when they go out of their way to assist a client. Thank you.

I will have to remember that, when a chef recommends to try a dish, I should try it. Because it normally,  is good.


The buffet includes – a noodle bar, a salad bar, a Japanese bar, pizza bar, ice cream counter (I’m not kidding!) , dessert bar (fruit and a lot of sweets).



Oh and you start with this bar.


Hors d’ oeuvre consist of cheese, bread, peanuts, pecans and ham, among other things.

So is it worth the cost? I’d say, yes. Its scrumptious dinner selection is something that I would go back for, if at all possible.

To learn more about The Marriott Café, please check their website here –

Before going back to the room, we stayed a few minutes at the lounge for a night cap and listen to her sing.


So if you’re going on an international trip and you have a one night stop over , staying in Resorts World Manila is perfect. The location is very near Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

There are several things to do at RW – shop at their high end Maxims Mall, go to a casino, visit other restaurants, etc.

In other words, you won’t get bored. 🙂

For old people like us, we just chose to eat and sleep. After all, the adventure starts when we arrive in America….







Lea C. Walker









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