Road Trip 2015 – Day 5 (Maramag to Davao)

Today, the 5th of April 2015, marks the end of our road trip. It’s been fun the past days. The fact that the outing with my family and staff is about to be over, makes me sad. But life has to move on since it isn’t possible to be on holiday all the time. 🙂 I am just thankful to God that we had the opportunity to bond as one big family. How awesome is that?

I mentioned on  Day 4 of this series that RR Spring Resort’s swimming pools are cleaned every night. Since their source is a spring, the water is replaced on a daily basis. Like I said, that’s the reason why we stay overnight. So we can use their clean swimming pools the next day.

Look at the sparkling water! 🙂


075 IMG_6909 IMG_6906 IMG_6904 IMG_6900 IMG_6897 IMG_6890 IMG_6888

I’ve written several entries about this resort here. Just type RR Spring Resort in the search box and you will find my blogs about it.  This is a simple place with clean facilities and amenities. Plus you can cook so it’s perfect for big groups. My nephews love the pools. And I love the fact there are pools of about 3 to 4 ft deep only. For people who  do not know how to swim like me, that is a big thing! ha ha

We left the resort around 10 in the morning. We wanted to make sure that we get to Seagull Mountain Resort in time for lunch.

What can I say…  Bukidnon is love!

I love the mountains, the valleys, the green landscape, the cool weather. Everything about the place spells relaxation with nature.



IMG_6934 IMG_6930

IMG_6957 IMG_6956 IMG_6953

There are so many things going on,  in the picture below. 🙂 Notice the top loaders. I can’t believe it doesn’t scare them to be on top without something to hold on to. Except the sacks of vegetables.

And yes, that’s common traffic in the Philippines.  Drivers will go anywhere they want to at any given time. ha ha… That said, please note that cruise control is  useless here. 🙂


Farmers, on the way to town with their vegetables.


This kid reminds me of the past, when my sisters and I , would fetch water from the local “poso” . That’s a deep well with wooden handle , for my non-Filipino readers. 🙂


Common transportation in the Philippines. Jeepney.


Quezon Municipal Hall.  It’s difficult to get a drive by photo . So I am glad I got a clear one.


Hah! The Montero’s GPS, shows the “intestine”.




Finally, Seagull Mountain Resort! 🙂 It’s about 2 hours from Maramag, on mostly concrete roads with beautiful sceneries.


Lunch at Seagull Steak House.

20150406_122835 20150406_122825 20150406_122803 20150406_122733

One big happy family. Thank you Lord. 🙂


Here’s a google map of this portion of our road trip.

maramag to dvo map

For more details about RR Spring Resort and Seagull Mountain Resort, check their websites below.

Facebook – Seagull Mountain Resort

Before I end this series, I would like to thank God for all the blessings. Specially for the gift of family. Daghang salamat!

To all of you who keep coming back to my blog, thank you. I apologize that it takes me forever to update though. 🙂 Hope this will help you on your travel plans in the Philippines.

And yes, for the nth time, Davao is safe. So is Mindanao.

Those we’ve been to , that is. I cannot speak for the ones I have not visited. 🙂

Ciao for now, everyone…



Lea C. Walker



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2 Responses to Road Trip 2015 – Day 5 (Maramag to Davao)

  1. Juan says:

    Nice trip! I’m excited to go back to Maramag again and possibly we’ll go to Davao too.


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