Roadtrip 2015 – Day 1 (Davao to Butuan )

Earlier this year, the hubby and I were discussing what to do for the long holy week holidays. He mentioned going to the US in time for spring, which I welcomed because that’s a different view for me to see. Plus I miss the no-stress life there. 🙂 But all these storms hitting America and planes crashing seemed like a “sign” not to travel this time. Yeah, I know. I am crazy. lol

So we decided to do the loop instead. Not just with the family but with all our staff.  Since there were a total of 23 people including the kids, I had to make sure that all hotel/resort bookings were paid months ahead of time.  That’s to ensure that we have beds to sleep in and lots of food, of course. 🙂

So here came the day… All our bags were packed and so ready to go! 🙂

Ahh, everyone was so excited….. Including me!  Even if I’ve done this loop several times already. ha ha

Ok, so before I proceed, let me say this.  You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them. 🙂

I love the palm trees in Tagum City. I know I said that a million times already! ha ha




These coconut trees, lined up beside the road was taken somewhere in Agusan. I love the view of the mountain and the ricefield behind them.

Roadtrip Day 1 - Davao to Butuan (5)


I’ve been seeing lots of logs along the road. Could be paper trees? Falcata maybe?

Roadtrip Day 1 - Davao to Butuan (9)

I love the bamboo trees and the mountains, up ahead…

Roadtrip Day 1 - Davao to Butuan (8)

You know, we had apprehensions before this road trip. Listening to the news, Mindanao seemed like it’s under attack by insurgents. Look at the road above, does that look scary to you? We didn’t feel threatened when we traveled. Not in this part of Mindanao, at least.

So moving on, we got lost in San Francisco , Agusan looking for the Mang Inasal restaurant. ha ha.. When we finally found it, it was very full. So we went to Mandarin instead. The food was crappy, sorry…. Except for the stuffed shrimps, which I love. But to be honest, lunch wasn’t worth the amount we paid.

After a few minutes’ rest, we left for Butuan this time. Our destination – Almont Inland Resort.  I love the pool there. While John loves their brewed coffee. lol .. Yes, that plays a big factor why we keep going back there. Plus the rooms are spacious and nice.

This photo was taken on our previous visit. Just wanted to show you what I meant when I said “spacious and nice.”  There are 2 queen beds in our room. So imagine its size. 🙂 Love it!




Going back to now, I took this photo because I found the flowing water in Bayugan really awesome. Wish I can find a property someday that has one. A flowing water, that is…  It’s just a dream. But who knows, God in his goodness may grant that dream. he he…

Roadtrip Day 1 - Davao to Butuan (6)

Not so bad traffic in Bayugan….

Roadtrip Day 1 - Davao to Butuan (7)


Almont Inland Resort, at last! 🙂


Roadtrip Day 1 - Davao to Butuan (10)


After checking in, most of us jumped in the pool. 🙂

You know, I’m wondering why I have a lot of peace signs in my pictures. ha ha..


Roadtrip Day 1 - Davao to Butuan (4) Roadtrip Day 1 - Davao to Butuan (3) Roadtrip Day 1 - Davao to Butuan (2) Roadtrip Day 1 - Davao to Butuan (1)

Spent the whole afternoon, just swimming. And resting. 🙂

Then dinner came. We all enjoyed their buffet . But I mostly loved the Brazo de Mercedes! haha

Roadtrip Day 1 - Davao to Butuan (13) Roadtrip Day 1 - Davao to Butuan (12)

Then we got serenaded with acoustic songs by these two singers. They were so good together, I asked them if they would be willing to have a show during our Christimas Party come December.

Roadtrip Day 1 - Davao to Butuan (16)

Looking at the faces of the whole family and our staff, I could say that everyone were more than happy to be there…. 🙂


Roadtrip Day 1 - Davao to Butuan (15) Roadtrip Day 1 - Davao to Butuan (14)

My “makulit”  nephews. (Above)


And this is how my day ended. I got a dance from my date…  So cheesy! But that made everyone grin and clap. haha I got embarrassed because there were other people in the restaurant. But John wasn’t bothered at all.  lol

Thank you Val for this picture. 🙂


And thank you Lord for everything. I do not know where to start and how to say it, but thank you from the bottom of my heart. May your name be praised forever….

So where is Butuan City?  Check the map below.  The red line is the route we took. I believe the distance we traveled was more or less 290 kms.  Travel time was about 7 hours including the lunch stop of an hour or so.


For more details of Almont Inland Hotel , check their website here –

I will be back for the day 2 of our road trip. See you soon everyone!

May your Easter Week was as happy as mine! 🙂




Lea C. Walker




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