Banana Beach Resort Revisited


January 1, 2015

Everyone was excited because the whole family is going on our New Year Get-away at Banana Beach Resort in Madaum, Davao del Norte. My family and I have been there several times, but my staff were first timers.

We left Davao City around 9:30 in the morning. Travel time took about an hour. So we were kinda early as compared to our check in time of 2pm. So as not to waste our time on waiting, I immediately booked all of us for the forest tour.  From the reception area, we were told to wait at the restaurant for our ride. While we were there, I ordered lunch to be served after the forest tour at the fishing village called The Spot.

A few minutes later,  the passenger jeepney arrived. So off we went to BBR’s  60 hectare forest. I have always loved seeing animals in their natural habitat in all our travels, be it locally or abroad. So I find it fun to see again the monkeys and wild boars. More so, seeing the excitement on my nephews’ eyes made it worth the trip.

Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (7)

Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (6)

Wild boars above.


Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (8)

Mother and child.

Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (9)

He got wounded during the riot among the 3 colonies of monkeys living in the forest.  😦



Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (10)

The canopy walk consisted of 9 bridges which cover at least half a kilometer. Walking inside the forest is always fun. But crossing from one end to the other through the canopy bridges is something else! Our laughter and shriek as the bridge moved in a wave-like manner, rang through the very quiet forest. ha ha

Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (11)

Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (15) Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (14)



You know, the first time I took the elevated walk last year, I was so scared of it. I realized that it’s normal to worry at first. But this time around, I had so much fun with it. And well, you can see from the looks on our faces. he he

The tour wouldn’t be complete without walking under the dense forest surrounded by century old trees and other shrubs native to Davao province.

Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (2) Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (3)

DAO Tree – Banana Beach Resort’s century old tree.


Meanwhile, as we were having so much fun, the oldies probably were getting bored where we left them off.

Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (12)

Mama and my aunt Ligaya, decided to stay in the vehicle.

Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (13)

While the hubby opted to rest as he was just recovering from a severe migraine attack. 😦 It’s a good thing that one of the owners of the resort talked to him while we were gone.

Around 12noon, we proceeded to the fishing village for lunch. Unfortunately, our food wasn’t ready. It got served to us after an hour. Hunger certainly dampened our mood. But we thought, okay it’s the new year so let’s start it with patience. 🙂 Easier said than done when…

At 2pm we were told that our rooms were not ready. That sucked considering that a) John developed another migraine due to the heat  b) my father needed to rest since he has blood pressure problems c) CHECK IN WAS AT 2PM!

Believe me when I say that was a dilemma I do not want to experience again. It is one thing to wait. But when you have people getting sick and no place to rest at, such predicament is really aggravating. I find it unfair because our  rooms were all paid in advance. And there is no excuse, at all, for the way we were treated.

You know, I love Banana Beach Resort, but what happened that day has really disappointed me and my family.

Moving on, after one long hour of waiting, the rooms were finally ready.  Everyone decided to rest for awhile. And when the sun wasn’t that hot anymore, some went back to the fishing village to catch some bangus or milk fish for dinner.  Yes, the guests can have the harvested fish cooked for a fee. I believe we were charged P180.00 for it.

banana beach resort  (6)

The fishermen. ha ha. Emelie, Bonnie, Anne, Jener, Rey and Tadeo’s 3 cute children. 🙂

banana beach resort  (1)

Family portrait before dinner. 🙂

After dinner ,  some of the family went swimming at the infinity pool. That’s one good way to cool off . It was funny though because one of my staff commented that there are mosquitoes in the pool. Everyone seconded. When we asked the staff, we were told that’s maybe,  because there’s a forest and coconut plantation nearby.  I guess that makes sense. And well, we live in a tropical country after all.

(L-R) Rey, Analyn, Jener, Emelie, my sister Pearlie and Bonnie.

Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (17) Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (16)

Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (4)

Before we ended our day, we gathered at Mama’s cottage . Bonnie, the husband of Emelie,  led us into a thanksgiving prayer.  We also offered the year 2015 to God asking for his protection, guidance and more blessings as we face another year of our lives.

Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (18) Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (19)


January 2, 2015:


It was an overcast day. And cooler than yesterday. Perfect for a day in the beach. 🙂 I’m glad that John has recovered from his migraine. My nephews were up and about. I couldn’t resist taking this picture of my youngest nephew, Wemce.

Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (21) Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (20)

Some of us though are going home after breakfast,  because our Real Estate booth in NCCC Mall will be opening today. The mall charges a steep penalty if tenants do not open on time. Tadeo and his 3 children looked sad. So did Rey. The kids could have stayed but they preferred to go home with their dad.

banana beach resort  (10)

After breakfast, everyone went to the beach. We love to do some kayaking at BBR because there is a wide portion where the water is just above the waist. So safe right? 🙂

banana beach resort  (8)

Ruben, Marco, Wemce and Pearlie.

banana beach resort  (9) banana beach resort  (7)

Riding in the banana boat is another fun thing to do at the resort. Or driving the speed boat! ha ha

That was exciting! 🙂

Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (5)

Or just enjoy watching the kids play. I have no idea what my nephew was doing here. lol

Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (22)

But check his face! ha ha


After all the water sports, we got ready for lunch at The Spot again. And had competition as to who gets the biggest fish. John offered a P500.00 reward. ha ha. And secretly whispered in my ears that I should win so he can save his money. hahaha… My husband is crazy!

Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (29) Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (28) Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (27) Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (26) Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (25) Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (24)

And guess what! I really won. 🙂 Caught the biggest milkfish! I think they said that the weight was 1.2kls. Banana Beach Resort, leawalkerblog (30)

We brought home a total of 13 plus kls. But only paid 12kls because the management of Banana Beach Resort gave the biggest fish I caught for free. And I got another apology for their screw up the previous day.

All in all, despite all the hiccups we went through, our New Year Get-Away turned out to be fun.

Would we still come back to Banana Beach Resort? Maybe someday, for a day tour.  I love fishing and kayaking after all. 🙂

Hopefully the services will be better the next time around.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings. And for letting all of us enjoy the start of 2015! 🙂





Lea C. Walker



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