US Roadtrip – Rocky Mountains

A rainbow hovering the mountain top greeted me when I woke up. I was so excited because it will be my first time to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park. I’ve researched about this place for months and somehow,  it gave me an idea of what to expect.

But standing infront of the Rocky Mountains gave me goosebumps. What I saw was beyond expectations. And no matter how much I try, words will never be enough to describe the place.

I know one thing though, only God can make something that beautiful. And I am glad that I was blessed enough to have seen the rockies in my lifetime. Thank you Lord.


rocky mountains

Taken at Coyote Mountain Lodge.

rocky mountains

The Egg and I restaurant is located in Estes Park.  Before going to RMNP, John and I stopped there for breakfast. I welcomed the hot coffee because it was so cold that day.  And I remember, their food is good. So if you’re at Estes Park, make sure to stop here. You won’t regret it. 🙂


rocky mountains

We were just leaving downtown Estes when we saw this elk. It was right beside the road and I was so amazed to see a big one comfortably checking the buildings. I found that so cool! 🙂

rocky mountains

We found this information center near the gate. They’re selling souvenirs there. So if you want something to remind you of the rockies, you can buy them here. The cashier was so helpful. 🙂


rocky mountains

As we were entering the park, we saw a herd of elks crossing the street. They look so cute right? I so loved this shot! Seriously, I considered it good luck when I saw them. ha ha… It’s as if they were waiting for me to take picture of them while they pose. lol

rocky mountains

And then here comes the wild turkeys… Now you understand, why I loved my experiences at RMNP. I don’t normally see wildlife just roaming around in my country.

We saw more elks as we moved on. The one below was a rutting elk, calling for his mate.

rocky mountains

The tourists don’t seem to bother the elks. Come to think of it, they seem to enjoy the presence of people taking photos of them.

Like this one guy here, he was just posing for me. ha ha



John with the elks… 🙂


rocky mountains ROCKY mountains

rocky mountains

This coyote was just observing the tourists taking photos of him. I used a long lens camera, of course. We are not allowed to go near the wildlife. Even if we were, I wouldn’t want to intrude on their privacy. he he



rocky mountain

Alluvial Fan was the result of Lawn Lake breaking in 1982. The 29 million gallons of flood water created the Fan Lake. And this river. That must have been terrible. But when I was there, it looked so beautiful with the Aspen leaves glowing.

IMG_2821 IMG_2811 rocky mountains

rocky mountainsrocky mountains

October brings cold air at the Rockies, mainly because of fall at the bottom. And the start of winter on top of the mountain. The combination of fog and snow-capped mountains make the panoramic vista seemed out of this world. Most often, John and I would just sit beside the road and enjoy the quietness of the place. Honestly, I have a thousand photos of the park. But I cannot put them all here. 🙂 All of them are my favorites. So it’s kinda difficult to decide which ones do I post.



IMG_2775 rocky mountainsrocky mountains


At 9,475 ft above sea level sits Bear Lake. The first time we went there, it was very windy and it was snowing. I was very cold but of course, I was still grinning. As if I wasn’t trembling inside and out when John took my picture. ha ha… I remember being so happy because everything around me looked like winter wonderland.

IMG_2711 rocky mountains




rocky mountains

rocky mountains

Let me say thank you to the park rangers who are with me in the picture. Despite the cold the wind and the snow brought, they kindly posed with me as a souvenir. 🙂


After 5 days of snow and really cold weather, the sun finally came out. 🙂 It was still cold, but at least it was bearable. We went back to the park and drove around. RMNP looked so different that day. The blue sky proved to be a beautiful backdrop of the rockies. 🙂

I’m glad I was able to take these photos as we were leaving for Colorado Springs the next day.

IMG_3042 IMG_3041 IMG_3020 IMG_3020 copy IMG_2942 rocky mountains

Isn’t that majestic? Snow-capped mountains covered with fogs and clouds looked amazing, specially with the glowing yellow aspen trees.

You know, this trip made me realize that it’s okay to dream. Back in High School, I had no idea that it will be granted to me. God sees the works we do and I believe that He blesses those who work hard and pray.  This trip is one gift that I will forever treasure.

rocky mountains

Bear Lake looks different on a sunny day. 🙂

Up next will be my Colorado Springs blog….. And hey, anyone of you here likes the comedian, “Fluffy”? Will share about him next time. So do visit again. 🙂





Lea C. Walker



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