Of Rain and Birds…

davao city philippines, birds, rainy days

We’ve been having some unusual weather the past days. It’s been announced that we have a low pressure for more than a week now. Hence, the daily rain. Makes it difficult when you need to show properties. Sometimes, it comes with strong winds.

What’s sad is that Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley is now deep in water. 😦 Something’s terribly wrong with the weather. January is supposed to be a normal month. You know, not so hot. And not so cold. Oh well…

So today has been another wet day. But I am tired of hiding from the rain. So I went out and took several photos of the birds playing outside our house. I live in a gated and guarded neighborhood. But the land fronting our house is still vacant. So it gives me the chance to watch the birds play. 🙂

I think they too are tired of the rain…..  They looked sad. But still so beautiful. 🙂

Made me realize once again, that regardless of whatever situation we are in, what matters most is our own perspective. And how we handle it.

Today, I could have hidden from the rain. And missed this…. And that would have been too bad!

So go out and play. 🙂 It’s a beautiful sunday even if it rains!

Lea C. Walker



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