US Roadtrip – Las Vegas

We arrived Las Vegas around 6 in the evening. It was our first time there so we were kinda at a loss. It’s a good thing that we bought a road atlas map back in California. Found it at Glendale Arcade, actually. 🙂 The car we rented supposedly has a GPS but well, I am kuripot. Stingy to my foreign friends. I didn’t want to pay $9 per day for 60 days.

Check in at the MGM was a breeze.  I couldn’t believe it considering the long line. The hotel was so big it took us time to reach our room. I booked for a king room with a view of the strip. Believe me, it was amazing. The view was superb as the lights from below shimmered.

Las Vegas (2) Las Vegas (1)

After a short Skype call with my family back home, John and I proceeded to the buffet restaurant for dinner. Ok, this was a long walk. A very long walk. ha ha… We had to pass through the wide casino and shops before we reached there. I did not expect that.

To my Davaoeno friends, imagine Marco Polo. Multiplied by at least 10 times its size. That’s how big MGM is. I suggest that when you visit Las Vegas, bring a very comfortable flat shoes for walking. he he…

The food was great and plenty. I had a hard time deciding what to eat because everything looked good. Seriously… lol And the Mexican rice was a life saver! The best Mexican rice I’ve eaten all over the US.

Las Vegas (30)

The next day, we left the hotel after breakfast. According to my research, MGM is so big that it merited its own monorail station. And like I said, the place is indeed huge. Having a station just behind the hotel is so convenient. We just paid a 3 day pass and we were able to ride in it several times a day.

So Let me share with you some of the photos I took:

While we were on board the monorail. Las Vegas (6)   Las Vegas (10) Las Vegas (9)


Las Vegas (7)The ride looked so exciting. But I didn’t have the guts to try them. lol

The Venetian.

I loved the architecture. And the design.

Las Vegas (12) Las Vegas (11)

Las Vegas (21) Las Vegas (20) Las Vegas (19) Las Vegas (18) Las Vegas (17)

No, that is not a statue. There’s a real person behind all those paint. I admire his patience.

Las Vegas (14)

The Grand Canal Restaurants.

Las Vegas (15)

The Grand Canal.

Las Vegas (16) Las Vegas (15)

Treasure Island

They have a pirate show every 6 in the evening. It’s free so make sure you watch it when you visit Vegas. 🙂

Las Vegas (23)


Las Vegas (29) Las Vegas (28)

Planet Hollywood

We had dinner at the Spice Market Buffet inside Planet Hollywood on our last night in Vegas. The place was packed with tourists. I understood why after dinner. The food was great! Check out their Greek / Middle East counter. I loved it… And the dessert counter has a very wide selection. So if you like sweets and stuff, you will love it too. he he

Las Vegas (34)

This theatre is inside Planet Hollywood / Miracle Shop area. Make sure you watch their variety show. I can’t believe how talented the actors/actresses are. Las Vegas (35) Las Vegas (36)

Wynn Hotel:

Las Vegas (25) Las Vegas (24)

I loved this waterfalls outside the Wynn Hotel. 🙂

BellagioLas Vegas (37)The fountain show at the Bellagio is a must see! Don’t leave Vegas without seeing it.

KA by Cirque Du Soleil is a fantastic show. We watched it on our 2nd night in Vegas. The ticket isn’t cheap but it is worth it.  Sorry, I have no pictures or video. Those are not allowed. 😦

Las Vegas (31)

I made sure I had a picture here because this is where Manny Pacquiao fought. haha.. Don’t judge. I am proud that he’s a Filipino like me. 🙂

Las Vegas (32)

Las Vegas is dubbed as the Sin City. But you can enjoy a visit there without gambling, drinking or doing some crazy stuff. 🙂 I guess we’re just a boring couple because we were contented with sight seeing and watching shows. I tell you though, we had fun despite the fact that our feet were hurting after days of walking.

Lea C. Walker


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