US Roadtrip – Hollywood

I booked the tour through our hotel. Daniel, the Filipino concierge, at Hilton Glendale was a really nice guy. Thank you Daniel for your help. 🙂

We were picked up at 8:30am by the tour bus of Starline. The driver rounded up all the other guests from different hotels and brought us all to their main office in Hollywood. We were told that the tour will start in 30 mins.

It started with a visit to the Hollywood Bowl. This is where a lot of concerts are done in Hollywood. The backdrop is Hollywood Hills. I remember the tour guide saying, there are mountain lions there. hehe…

Then we were brought to the famous streets of Hollywood, ie: Sunset Drive, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, etc.

I learned that Paris Hilton lives near Sunset Drive. ha ha.. And at the Beverly Hills Park, usually the cast of Desperate Housewives do their exercise there with their trainors.

For high-end shopping, Rodeo Drive has all the branded establishments. Of course I took picture of that store where Pretty Woman was shot. Remember the scene where Julia Roberts came in and she wasn’t entertained? Figures. I tell you, the place is just so “sosyal”. ha ha .. In fairness though, their personnel are so professional.

Time passes quickly when you’re having fun right? By 12:30pm, we headed towards the Farmer’s Market for lunch. I love this place! There are about 50 informal restaurants  where you can choose the food you want. I found a Greek restaurant that offered Beef Kabob and Pilaf Rice. I was in heaven. ha ha.. It was so delicious, believe me. 🙂

About an hour or so later, we went to the Chinese Theatre. This is where all the Hollywood stars left their handprints on the floor.

The Kodak Theatre , which is known to be the permanent home of the Academy Awards.

Of course, one wouldn’t forget the Walk of Fame right? lol … Like any tourist, I took a lot of pictures too. haha

Hollywood Tour 2013599325_638517789514750_2114051313_n[1]

602937_638476856185510_339548473_n[1] 944590_638457466187449_302187517_n[1] 994846_638471949519334_1626011908_n[1] 1208876_638457369520792_786644245_n[1] 1374043_638482859518243_1719468176_n[2] 1375204_638471856186010_1846666994_n[1] 1375976_638476726185523_27871431_n[1] 1376450_638471992852663_1530826115_n[1]

Scenes from Pretty Woman , the movie , was shot in this store.  1376503_638482526184943_941531367_n[1] 1377970_638469759519553_267109910_n[1] 1379217_638497592850103_72847478_n[1]

Los Angeles Skyline.  1379280_638457429520786_46444942_n[1] 1380707_638497596183436_665797585_n[1]

Painting at Tiffany’s bathroom. Dated 1882.  PS. Their bathroom smells like cinnamon. 🙂1381609_638482709518258_112269866_n[2] 1382096_638482672851595_803422486_n[1] 1382292_638482622851600_479858595_n[2]

We arrived back at the hotel around 5pm.

It was such a fun day. 🙂 It was kinda overwhelming for me because all these places, I only saw on tv or the movies we watched. Never have I thought that the day would come for me to experience it in person.

I feel blessed. Thank God!



Lea C. Walker




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