US Roadtrip – Prologue

US Road Trip

So imagine this… Me – dancing to the tune of “I’m so excited”.. haha .. And I can not definitely hide it!

After 8 months of planning, the time has come for our US Road Trip. Yes, you read that right! I will be gone for a few weeks to enjoy our vacation. But I will do my best to do an update while on the road from time to time.

John and I will be landing at Los Angeles Airport. From there, we will pick up the car we rented and head on to view some “touristy” places in LA. If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, you would know that John and I prefer the mountains more than the city. So after a 2 days stay in L.A. , we will be proceeding to Sequioa National Park.

From there, we will travel to the Sin City – Las Vegas! 🙂 We will be staying here for a few days because we want to watch Cirque Du Soleil and enjoy what LV has to offer.

Then, we’re off to Arizona to visit a friend. Then of course, the Grand Canyon , Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. John wants to fit in the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest too.

I want to see the Salt Lake in Utah, while we are there. 🙂

Then off to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks in Wyoming and Montana. These places are the main reasons for this road trip. The rest of the stops are just a bonus which we planned along the way.  I do not know how to explain my excitement. he he.. I don’t know what to expect as well. I guess, we will find out in my succeeding blogs. All I know is that I am hoping to see bears (from a distance)  , elks, bisons , etc. And experience how it is to be in a traffic jam , with the parks’ beautiful animals as the cause. Sounds amazing right? 🙂

After YNP, we will move on to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Woo hoo!!! This is such a dream come true. It has become a dream for me to see the rocky mountains since high school, after I read a book that took place there supposedly.

(Incidentally, I’ve seen on the news the devastation that the storm brought in some parts of Colorado. I am praying that all the victims and their families will recover from this tragedy. I don’t know what to say, except that  God may continue to bless you with more strength and love… )

Ok, so from  Colorado, let’s see what happens next. John tells me that driving in Kansas will be a boring one because all you see are hays. he he… That’s seconded by everyone I talked to and those that I’ve read. I will tell you what I think when I’m there. 🙂

So from there, we move on to visit mommy and the rest of John’s family in Mississippi and Tennessee. I am so happy to see them again. John’s family is awesome! I love them. 🙂

So let me share with you  the west through a Filipina’s eyes!

And oh, please help me pray that I get to see snow during this trip?  We have none in the Philippines. So it would be an amazing experience for me to see some. 🙂

So I invite you my online friends. Come and  join me in my trip of a lifetime…. 🙂

Thank you kaayo Lord for making this trip possible. When papa had a stroke, I thought that we may have to cancel the trip. I wondered if I’ll get a refund too for a last minute cancellation  of all the bookings I made.  But your goodness always overwhelms me. Thank you for protecting him from harm. I offer you this trip. That you may make the next two months fun and memorable for both John and me.

Lea C. Walker


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