Cebu Pacific – Davao Mishap

We were having dinner at Jaime’s Buffet Restaurant in Lanang, when the black out happened. Boy, was it dark! It’s a good thing Jaime’s has its own generator.

Black out and a really freaky strong rain, that’s bad for people who travel right? More so, for pilots trying to land a plane. At least it seems that way to me.

I applaud the pilot who landed safely  Cebu Pacific Flight 5J 971  on the night of  June 2, 2013 at the Davao International Airport.

“Safely” in this context means that all the passengers and crew are alive. That is something to thank God for. It could have been worst right? It could have crashed badly, leaving everyone dead. But God in his goodness, protected everyone from harm.

The plane landed not at the runway, but on the grass beside the runway. 🙂 In other words, it skidded off and overshot the runway. But just the same, it landed with no casualties. For me, that’s something. What do you think?

Courtesy of Facebook user. Thank you for sharing.

Courtesy of Facebook user. Thank you for sharing.

The accident is still being investigated.

But the news said that flights are supposed to resume today, 5 June 2013.

The 3 day non-operation of Davao International Airport brought about P250 million pesos of losses, according to the news. 😦 That’s composed on cancelled flights, cancelled hotel bookings, etc.

That is so sad.. As a businesswoman to the other, I feel for you.

What I do not understand though is the news that said:

a) 911 was not allowed to enter the vicinity of the airport? If that is true, why?

After this accident, I hope that the management of the airport will have better emergency plans considering the lives at stake.

In the meantime, Mayor Sara Duterte, isn’t happy about this. Tsk.. tsk… I am sure, she will get to the bottom of this.

So let’s wait for its development.

For now, I just want to thank God for the protection he always extends to the city I love most, Davao. 🙂

And to all the passengers, I pray that you are all well . I am sure, it was such a traumatic experience for all of you. Specially for those who were kept inside the plane? I still don’t understand that part.

Aren’t passengers supposed to run and leave the plane in cases like these? So why were there people left inside? What if it exploded? It just doesn’t sound right..

I may not know you in person, but I am praying that you will all be healed. In time.


Lea C. Walker


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