Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Beng and I were talking about upcoming trips abroad  when she mentioned her last day of classes at the Metro Lifestyle. Other than a being model and a successful realtor / businesswoman, she is also a teacher. She doesn’t have to, believe me. She can have a high end life , forever,  without working. But yoga is her passion.  That’s why she does it for a mere fee.

Our conversation through facebook went…

Ruby S. Bernardo


Last day na kasi ng classes ko today – e wala ako magaling na photographer na masabihan agad – kung hindi ka busy and because you’re one heck of a photographer – puwede ka mag take picture ng class sa metro either this am at 8 am or 4 pm later? Kung puwede lang. Pang portfolio ko sa Vancouver…

  • Lea Walker

    Ay chika.. I’ll visit you this morning. Pero ok lang, 30 to 45mins lang ako? Kasi I need to pick up a client sa marco by 9am. Tapos me kembali coast ako ng 1pm. Samal kasi yon. I’m not sure what time kami makabalik. If ok with you, i’ll be happy to be a part of your class talaga! Kahit photographer lang. hahaha

  • Ruby S. Bernardo

    Of course!!! Kahit 20 minutes lang…. ❤ THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

  • Ay i’m so happy!!! sige, see you mamaya. I’ll prepare na para di ako ma late. hehehe

  • Thanks!!! See you. On the roll tayong dalawa. 😀


    I arrived at Metro Lifestyle 15 minutes earlier. I was happy I did because it gave us more time to chat about personal things. 🙂 We call it chikahan in the Philippines. hehe

    At exactly 8am, Beng’s class started. This is kinda difficult for me to describe so I will show you the pictures I took.

    I was in awe. I told her that I will join her class when she comes back from Canada. 🙂

    Short meditation before Beng started. I call it, self-preparation. hehe

    Short meditation before Beng started. I call it, self-preparation. hehe

     They started with a breathing exercise. Inhale… Exhale… Inhale again… Exhale again..
    Then, the stretching started….


    20130529_083106_4 20130529_082705_4 20130529_082410_4 20130529_082403_1

    The Easy Part…

    20130529_082233_1 Vinyasa YogaVinyasa Yoga

    And then the real action.. 🙂

    20130529_083312_7 20130529_083304_8 20130529_083254_9 Vinyasa Yoga

    I was there for 30 minutes only, because I had to pick up a client by 9am. But what I saw impressed me a lot!

    I’m just worried I’m going to break all my bones when I join in the future. ha ha..

    You know what I loved about it the most, is the fact that it’s not noisy. When you go to a gym in the Philippines, it’s normal to hear the blaring sound of the music. Obviously a lot of people likes that here, but it gives me headache! So I was so glad that with Yoga, loud noise will defeat its purpose. So it’s really perfect for me and for those who want to deep breathe, exercise and relax… And not being bombarded by noise. 🙂

    Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Class is at Metro Lifestyle along Torres St., Davao City. Ask for Ms. Ruby Bernardo. Her classes will start again sometime in September. Please call Tel. No. 228-6180 for more details.

    Namaste! 🙂

    Lea C. Walker


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