Weddings in the Philippines

Amor, my staff, got married recently. Since she and the groom came from Digos, Davao Del Sur , we travelled at least an hour early to attend it. I was glad that we were invited because I saw how happy she looked on her wedding day. 🙂

Weddings in the Philippines

This reminded me that I have never wrote about weddings and preparations in my blog yet.  So let me share some tips with you based on mine.

Being married to an American, John and I had to go to the American embassy in Manila to get a document called “Legal Capacity To Marry“. That is required for all foreigners marrying a Filipina. If you have been divorced, then you need to bring your divorce paper as well.

With those in hand, we went to the Local Civil Registrar (normally that’s at the City Hall or Municipal Hall) where your fiancée is living, and applied for a marriage license.

Remember:  you cannot get married without the said license. The judge or the priest will look for that when you book for their services.

Requirements are the following:

1. Legal Capacity To Marry (from your embassy in Manila)

2. Divorce Paper (if it applies)

3. Birth Certificate (of both bride and groom )

Please note that the Filipina’s birth certificate should come from the National Statistic’s Office. And while she’s at NSO, please tell her to also get a …

4. Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)

There’s a long line at NSO so be sure to go there early. Or pay a travel agency to get those. The cost is more or less, P300.00 per document. That way you save on time plus it’s not so tiring for you both. 🙂

5) Baptismal Certificate (for the Filipina)

6) Pay the necessary fees.

After submission, the Marriage License will be released  10 days later. Yes, it takes that long. 🙂 So you have to include the time frame while you’re planning your wedding. I got married 8 years ago. And I’ve heard that it’s still the same. So be advised.

In the meantime, both the groom and bride will be asked to attend a Family Planning seminar. 🙂

I remember John’s joke at that time. He said, ” no wonder there is no divorce in your country. They  make it so difficult for you to get married”. ha ha

Yep, the license preparation alone, will give you enough time to rethink your position. LOL

With all those going on, I asked the help of a wedding planner to assist us in the invitation, the food planning, etc.

We stayed in a hotel the day before the wedding as well. That’s where all the preparations were done. The hair and make up artist just went there. And so did the photographer. He had to get some pre wedding photos of us, the gowns, etc..

So the bottom line is delegate the works. 🙂 That way, you won’t get stressed with the preparation. And if you can, do the reception at a hotel or any venue away from the bride’s house.

You know, Filipinos are very clannish. That being said, expect at least a hundred visitors during the wedding and the reception. Because dealing with all those people on top of everything else can add to the stress, if your wedding isn’t planned well.  🙂

I mean, isn’t it better to just arrive in the venue with everything ready for you? I think it’s more relaxing that way..

In our case, it gave me time to think of ways to make our wedding special. I made John cry when I sang “Love Moves in Mysterious Ways” during the reception. It was meant as a surprise for him. And I did. 🙂 Surprise him, that is..

Actually, no one expected that. Even the guests. he he

I posted that song here –

So I hope that this will help you with yours… 🙂

Lea C. Walker


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