Chicco Di Caffe

My client was late.   It’s not a problem. I’m used to it. That’s Filipino time, you know.

And yes, I agree with you, being late in appointments is rude. 🙂 But well, it’s part of my job. Dealing with late comers, that is.  Sometimes, it is frustrating specially if it will make me late for my next appointment. But it is a reality here in our country and getting stressed over it is useless.

Besides, some people have told me, “you shouldn’t have come early”. haha.. So yeah, sometimes it is my fault for coming early. LOL

So I wait in style. If they cannot go to my office, I meet the clients in malls or at the lobby of the hotels they are staying at. That way, if people are late, there is a coffee shop or a restaurant nearby.  I eat when I can , if I can. Because with my work, I don’t know when will I have the time to eat again.

Today, I’m at Nccc Mall in Maa. Sitting at Chicco Di Caffe.

I like their capuccino here. 🙂 I am not much of a coffee person but in times like these, coffee helps.

I was glad to find out that they offer meals too. Not just cupcakes and muffins…

Looks delicious right? :)

Looks delicious right? 🙂 I like their carrot cupcake.


For P150.00 pesos, I thought the bacon and egg meal was ok. It included a glass of ice tea already.

Chicco Di Caffe

I enjoyed my food as I listened to The Jets’ “Make It Real”.  I love 80’s music.  So it was an added bonus that day. The ambiance was nice. It’s quiet and not crowded. Plus they got free wifi here. 🙂  Perfect huh?

All Day Meals

All Day Meals

So if you’re in NCCC Mall, you might want to visit Chicco Di Caffe too. 🙂

Finally, my client is here….

Lea C. Walker


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