My Not So Ordinary Valentine…

ValentinesMine came early, as John surprised me with roses on February 13. His words – if I do it tomorrow, you won’t be surprised anymore. Which is true because I would be expecting it. LOL… All wives do right? 🙂

As February 14 came, we had to work. But I didn’t mind.  We are going to Samal Island, after all. 🙂 The scorching heat of the sun didn’t bother me because I was looking forward to cooling off at Hagimit Falls. Ha!  It’s a classic case of business with pleasure trip.. With friends Bob and Beth.


Yes, we are selling this beautiful piece of property. It has a fantastic view of  Davao Gulf with Talicud Island as the backdrop.   (For more details: please visit Allea Real Estate page in Facebook. )

After showing off our land for sale in Samal, we proceeded to Hagimit Falls as planned. After paying the P40 per head entrance fee, off we went to the 100 something steps down the water falls.

Like a child, I ran towards my favorite spot. It was a shallow area where I can wade my feet. 036

          Thanks to John for this picture. 🙂 I told you, I was so excited! ha ha


My funny valentine. ha ha  – John being his funny self.


I wonder how many people have taken a rest on this old bench while listening to the soothing sound of the waterfalls…



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