Autumn, for me is surreal. A dream that I never thought would come true. Not in my lifetime, at least.

But God in his goodness, made it possible for me. 🙂

Prior to our departure in the Philippines, the news was that the US will have a cold front. John kept on telling me that I am not going to like it because it’s going to be cold. I asked how cold is it? He said open the freezer, that cold. haha

But you know, I never really understood how it is until we reached Minneapolis airport. The weather was 4 degree celsius!

The wind greeted me as I went out of the airport lobby to look for our ride. I ran back inside because it was so cold, it chilled me to the bone. Yes, that’s how it felt. John laughed and said, I told you it is cold. I said , now I know what you mean. LOL

He said that with the cold front, autumn will follow very soon. 🙂 I was ecstatic! I used to see the pictures only from magazines or cards, you know. So I was hoping that I will get to see it while we’re in the country.

Foggy, upon arrival at Minneapolis Airport.

True enough, a few days later. The leaves started changing their colors. The changes are so visible in the South, where my husband comes from.

First capture of autumn.

Taken in USA on Oct. 8, 2012.

On our way to Alabama, USA on October 13, 2012.

At the Natchez Trace.

Wild geese enjoying one sunny afternoon. Tennesse, USA.

One thing that really amazes me is the fact that the sun is so bright but when I get out of the car, the cold breeze of the air, knocks me off my feet… 🙂 Then it reminds me why I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt , a jacket and sometimes, mittens…

Coming from a tropical country, the experience is sooo new to me. And contrary to what John thought, I am enjoying every bit of it. 🙂

At the cabin in Alabama. 🙂

At Tennessee, USA.

In Mississippi, USA.

The burst of different colors on the trees are so amazing, it made me reflect how can one not believe that there’s a supreme being who made all these.

There are no skycrapers in the Southern part of the US, but they were blessed with breath taking views of the lake, the river and the forest. It’s so beautiful I have no words for it.

I just want to thank God for bringing me here at the right moment with my husband. 🙂

Reflections… Taken in Mississippi, USA.

Lea C. Walker


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4 Responses to Autumn

  1. I’m so glad you got to come, and ecstatic that your visit coincided with me being able to do a small performance for you at Corinth Theatre Arts. Appreciating the change in climate and especially the changing of the colors in our landscape, is something we both share.

    It was a pleasure to meet you, and THANK YOU for sharing your photos and blog journal. Your writing allows me to see things through your eyes, and I hope our hospitality met you expectations.

    Hoping for either a return visit, or maybe I could visit the Philippines! 🙂



    • Hey Leland! 🙂 Thank you for dropping by my blog. I’m so happy to have met you too. I loved your show! Oh yes, everything was more than I expected. Autumn has amazed me so much. That I took probably a million pictures. lol Everyone is so warm and have been very kind to me. 🙂 I learned that in the south, greetings mean a big hug. Not a handshake. haha.. I just soo loved my experiences. Let us know when you plan on visiting the Philippines. 🙂


  2. Jane Walker says:

    We were so glad to have you here finally. We miss you already!


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