Irawan Eco Park – Palawan

Irawan Eco Park is Puerto Princesa’s watershed. The local government in partnership with Costa Rican businessmen, rehabilitated the 3,000 hectare forest and developed it into an adventure themed park complete with zipline facilities.

John and I with the Costa Rican partner who developed the place into a beautiful park now. I look like a midget between John and him. LOL

John and I visited the place on our 3rd day in Palawan. 🙂 This trip was supposedly scheduled on our 4th day. But since our underground river tour was cancelled that day, the travel agency where I booked the Irawan Eco Park tour kindly offered to reverse the schedule instead.

We were picked up from Sunlight Guest Hotel around 11a.m. The rain temporarily stopped so we thought that it wouldn’t be so bad going to the park that day. Travel time was about 30mins.

When we reached the Eco Park, we were served immediately with lunch. It was composed of Chicken afritada, fish fillet , sauteed sayote and carrots (which tasted really good)  and fresh cucumber salad . We found out later on that the vegetables came from their organic garden. So it was very fresh when it was served to us.

From the dining area, we could see the artworks done by the locals. They were on display incase some guests would like to purchase the paintings and the other woodworks. I was impressed with the crocodile and two-headed snake made of wood. It was so intricate I thought it must have been difficult to do them.

After lunch, the van took us to their recreation area. The receptionist immediately assisted us upon arrival. We were asked if we wanted to do the zipline first. John and I looked at each other. haha.. We wanted to try so we said yes. The other 3 guests who were vacationing from California were so excited about it.  Ms. Angie said that the zipline will be a stress relief from the traffic she has to go through everyday while working in L.A. 🙂

We had good intentions. Promise!

After the preparations, we hiked going up. After 70 or so steps, we reached the top where the zipline adventure starts. Looking below, the height wasn’t that bad. But well, I changed my mind. lol That 3km cable ride in Genting Higlands really got to me. After that, I couldn’t take the chance again. Maybe someday I will surprise all of you. he he..

The next option was to get a massage. I saw this barn type building earlier. So I thought that’s where we were going. But boy, was I wrong! 🙂 The therapists led us to a small nipa hut beside the river. It was an ultimate spa experience, believe me. With the river flowing, the soothing sound was really relaxing. Since it was an open hut, we could feel the touch of the cool air. Coupled with the sound of the tweeting birds, the experience was simply beautiful.

Massage beside the river. It was raining on and off that week so the water was brown. 🙂

From a distance, I could hear Ms. Angie and her group, laughing and shreiking. They tried the canopy walk after the zipline. hehe..

By the time we were done with our massage, the incharge of the park was ready with the fish feeding. The river had small fishes that when you put your hands there with a small amount of crackers, they would come to you. That was really fun!

After the fish feeding, the guide took us to the Bee Farm.

The Bee Farm

John has been wanting a bottle of honey for a long time. It’s just difficult to find a real one. You know, the “honey” with no water in it? 🙂  So while we were there, we made sure to buy the honey we needed.

Next stop was a visit to the rest house of Mayor Hagedorn.

Mayor Hagedorn’s Rest House

Hagedorn Eco Home

John at the Rest House of Mayor Hagedorn.

Going to and from the rest house, we rode in a carabao cart. 🙂 I remember we used to have that when we were kids. It’s been 30 something plus years since then. So I was really  glad to have ridden in a cart once again.


As the sign board above says – it is more fun in the Philippines indeed! 🙂

In our case, despite the rain, we enjoyed Irawan Eco Park in Palawan.

To our tour guide, April – thank you. Also to our massage therapists. Maraming Salamat po!

Lea C. Walker


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