Surigao Escapade – Day 3

The culmination of our trip was a visit to Bucas Grande Islands in Surigao Del Norte. This is the main reason why I couldn’t sleep waiting for it to happen. I was so excited about it that I even dreamt of things that I found really funny when I woke up. lol

Pitcher plants thrive in Bucas Grande Island. Its a carnivorous plant that feeds on insects and the likes. In my dream, it ran after me. I remember running so hard while calling for help. hahaha

I know I’m crazy… LOL

So today, we left Licanto Beach Resort (after saying thanks to the staff who have  been great) around 6am. We had no idea how long the trip would be but we knew it’s going to be a long one.

Matt, Blaire, Nanay Ligaya and Franco.

We’ve been seeing this all over Agusan and Surigao. We realized finally that it’s a flood meter installed by the Dept. Of Public Works and Highways.

Beautiful Scenery in Surigao.

See.. roadtrip is not boring when you’re greeted with this kind of view! 🙂

Lake Mainit

Lake Mainit in Surigao. 🙂

The island at Lake Mainit.

Most rivers we’ve seen in this trip have either azure color or blue green hue. They just look so beautiful!

I coordinated with the Department of Tourism for this part of our trip. I was lucky enough to have talked to Mr. Rolando Ajop – the Tourism Head of Socorro. I booked the trip through their office. I thought it’s safer that way. Per conversation with him on the phone, the Department of Tourism is helping the fishermen in the Sohoton area. So with any bookings done through them, we are helping the local people as well by giving them a job. 🙂 Plus they know the area perfectly well, so you are assured that you won’t get lost. You will understand why I’m saying this when you read the next installment of this blog.

From Barobo, we travelled 6 hours to Claver. Hayanggabon Port is about 15 mins drive past Claver. Before proceeding to the port, we stopped at the Tourism Center along the highway. This is where we will be leaving our vans. The fee is Php100.00 per day/ vehicle. Not much considering that our vans will be left there for days safely. 🙂

Tourism Center in Hayanggabon , Claver.

Reggie, the one assigned by Mr. Ajop to be our tour guide, met us at the center. He told us that the boat is ready but we decided to have lunch first. We proceeded to the port around 1pm and to my surprise, the boat was small. 😦 I remember requesting for a big boat because John and Pearlie hates small ones. We were told that this is their big boat. haha.. I wanted to cry. Seriously. Because I could see John and Pearlie’s faces. They’re both, not happy. 😦  Mama said that if they don’t want to continue with the trip, all of us would go home. Remember the family’s motto – no one gets left behind. We all enjoy the trip or we don’t.

I heard John mumble, it’s not fair. My sister Pearlie’s face could not be drawn. he..he. I should not laugh. She’s going to kill me when she reads this. lol

So after waiting forever for their decision, we proceeded with the trip.

I was told that the trip by boat will only take 30 mins. True, IF the waves are not big. In the afternoons, when the high tide starts, the waves are huge. And if you’re in a small boat – that’s not a nice experience. We were all so quiet during the whole trip.

It was the longest one hour of my life…

So remember this, if you don’t like waves, then leave for Bucas Grande Island early in the morning. The trip is only 30 minutes then. And no hassle at all.

When we started seeing the little islands, I could have shouted for joy. It was a welcome sight to behold. Since Bucas Grande mostly have coves, the ride is so smooth sailing.

Hidden Island Resort at Bucas Grande, from afar.

We finally reached our destination, the Hidden Island Resort in Bucas Grande, Socorro. This is going to be our home for the next 3 days. 🙂 We all forgot our harrowing experience when we docked at their port.

The view was fantastic!

If you love to commune with nature, this is the place to be. I have not seen anything like it in my whole life. I love Samal. But I’m sorry folks, there is no comparison. The beauty that’s infront of me was beyond expectation. And this is just a bird’s eye view so to speak of Bucas Grande.

There’s a sense of calmness. That no matter how tired or scared (from the boat ride, that is) you are, it’s like you’ve come home. It’s just so peaceful and beautiful… I sat there for a long time, just letting it sink in.

When I got over whatever it was I felt, I started taking photos. I’m sorry but my pictures won’t do justice to the actual sight. I did my best to take nice ones so you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

The small islands fronting Hidden Island Resort.

The afternoon sun’s reflection on the islands..

My nephews ran towards their Ate Edith (she’s the incharge of Hidden Island Resort), asking for a life jacket. 🙂 It’s high tide like I said, so that water is really deep. But since they’re both good swimmers, it didn’t bother them at all.

I remember my 6 year old Japanese nephew, Franco, asking if there are sharks in the water. hehe..

Matt and Blare.

My brother inlaw, Ruben. Kayaking at Hidden Island Resort.

My sister Daisy, took Franco to the cage below our cottages and showed him the big fishes and turtles. 🙂

Huge Turtle at Hidden Island Resort.

The Lazy fish and his turtle friend. haha

Yes, I call him the lazy fish. Because the whole time we were there, this fish was always on top of the turtle! He seldom swims on his own. hahaha

Then John called my attention. He was so impressed with the common bathroom of Hidden Island Resort.

The rock is the bathroom’s wall at Hidden Island Resort. This is the common bathroom near the restaurant. 🙂

John, being his funny self! LOL

He likes caving. That’s why he was so impressed with the wall of this bathroom. 🙂 That’s why I couldn’t resist taking this shot. hahaha. He just looked so funny and cute!

My review on Hidden Island Resort will be posted soon. 🙂 Before that though, be sure to come back next time. Because I will be posting more on Sohoton Cove in my next episode.

Lea C. Walker


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