Happy Father’s Day…

Hey, I can’t let this day pass without greeting the 2 great fathers I know!  Of course, I am biased.. 🙂

Papa at Olman’s Seaview Resort , Bohol, Philippines.

Papa is just a simple guy. He never finished high school but he’s very hardworking. We always had food on the table despite the fact that we were very poor. We didn’t have much when we were growing up, but our table is always filled with food. His work, being a butcher, gets him paid plus he gets to bring meat. Or barter his meat with fish. 🙂

I’ve learned from him the value of hard work. Despite , of course, his imperfections – opposite to his name “Perfecto” (i told you our family has a twisted sense of humor.. lol) he’s a great father.

Thank you Pa for everything. If not for you and mama, I will not be where I am today. Love you.

Pop and mom. I couldn’t find a solo picture of Pop.

  Looking at this picture, I feel a wave of overwhelming emotions. I am glad that I had the time to speak with him on the phone from time to time for a period of 7 years. On the other hand, I feel sad because of the lost opportunity to have known him personally.

Pop died last month. I think you really don’t get over something like that. You just learn to accept death. And move on.

Pop, wherever you are, I would like to honor you for having brought up such a good son. That tells me how great a father you are. If not for you and mom, I wouldn’t have met such a wonderful husband in John.

Darren's last salute to pop. During the military burial at MS, USA.

Darren’s last salute to pop. During the military burial at MS, USA.

To papa and pop, happy father’s day. I love you both.

And to all whose dads are still alive, talk to them. 🙂 Now, that you still have a chance….

Lea C. Walker



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