Tagaytay – A Cool Getaway!

We had to fly to Manila for some paperworks. So when my friend Marlic, found out about it, she said that John and I should visit Tagaytay as well. The nicest thing about it is that she offered to drive us there. I am so glad that she did because it was one memory that I will never forget! Thank you kapatid. 🙂
Around 7 a.m. on our 2nd day in Manila, I asked her if I should bring a jacket. She said that the weather is unpredictable. Sometimes it is cold, but sometimes it’s just cool. So I said, I can handle cool. You know, like 23 degree celsius. That’s normal in our house with John around. lol
We were supposed to leave early but Marlic got stuck in traffic. You know why? The people from Bourne Legacy were setting up their things in preparation for the movie’s shooting. Of course, it caused traffic jam! Duh…  Rumor is that their permit was for Saturday but I think they got too excited and went with the preparation days ahead of time.
John and I didn’t mind. We were at Pancake House for breakfast after all. 🙂 I feel bad for Marlic because she had to suffer for 2 hours at least. Terrible huh?!
When Marlic arrived, we didn’t waste time anymore. But left hurriedly for Tagaytay. 🙂 We were nearing the toll gate when she told me to prepare my camera because there’s something interesting at the Coke plantation. She remembered my giant photo of the Silver Swan Soy Sauce during our Manila Roadtrip two years ago. This time, I was able to take photos of the giant canned Coke and Sprite. They’re taller than the factory!
SLEX, the highway going to Tagaytay, is wide and smooth. I’m glad that traffic wasn’t bad anymore. Not as bad as Marlic’s earlier experience, that is. hehe…
When we reached Laguna, it felt like we entered a different world. The place seemed quieter and more peaceful. Plus having trees all around was like a breath of fresh air. We were staying in Makati area. So with the high rise buildings all around, it just felt crowded to me.
Travel time was more or less 2 hours, including rest room stops. 🙂 I so loved the trip. The furnitures on the road were amazing. Then there were road vendors selling beautiful and colorful flowers! Plus of course the view. Unbelievable…
And the weather? It was cool, indeed
Will write about that soon… 🙂
                                                                 Lea C. Walker



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