Philippine Road Trip – Day 5

We arrived in Surigao last night. I thought, finally we’re in Mindanao.But John did not want to sleep there. So we decided to proceed to Butuan City and stayed at Almont Inland Hotel. It’s our 2nd stay there and we both like the spacious room. Plus they got good food. 🙂 John loves their coffee too.

The nice and accomodating staff at Almont Inland Hotel.
After breakfast, we headed towards Davao. We were no longer worried of getting lost because we’ve passed by this road several times already. It’s mostly flat terrain except when you reach Mawab, where you have to drive slowly because of its high elevation and zigzag road. John drove slowly so I can take pictures.
Funniest Experience on this trip:
I kept seeing the “PED XING” sign. So finally , I asked John what the word meant. He said – Pedestrian Crossing. I said , oh ok.. Then he asked why. I said, I thought it’s chinese for SLOW DOWN. hahahha.. We burst out laughing. I don’t drive so how would I know right? It sounded chinese to me. hehe
Random Pics:
Palm Tree Plantation in Agusan.
                            Can you count how many passengers does this motorcycle have? lol
The new bridge in Butuan City.
Logs on the road in Agusan.
Agusan Products. 🙂
You’re probably wondering why we bought our van in Manila. Yes, there’s a Nissan dealer in Davao. But Nissan Manila gave us the following freebies: 3 yr LTO registration, P90k discount which they automatically took off from the selling price, free mats and seat covers. And since we picked it up from their office, we were no longer charged with  the Freight cost. The dealer in Davao wanted to charge us Php36,000.00 for the freight even if the van is on display in their showroom.
So it’s a no-brainer really. We saved a lot of money by buying in Manila. Plus we got to travel and enjoyed the Philippine countryside. 🙂
                                                              Lea C. Walker

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3 Responses to Philippine Road Trip – Day 5

  1. Chyng says:

    hehe, pedxing! nabiktima din ako nyan before. =)


  2. Lea says:

    Hehe.. akala ko ako lang chyng! 🙂


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