Philippine Road Trip – Day 4

I woke up in an unfamiliar bed. For a moment there, I forgot that we were in Tacloban City. Yes, we’re still travelling. 🙂 You notice the smiley after the word travel? lol  I just don’t smile but grin when I think about going to places. My heart starts thumping. And I find myself singing, not just in the bathroom.. hahaJohn was still sleeping. So I quietly took a bath, changed and went down. The street wasn’t busy yet. Maybe because it’s a sunday. Most people get up late on Sundays. Not me though.. I always wake up at freakin’ 5:00 in the morning. Same time with the chicken huh? haha… Gee, am I that old now?

Downtown Tacloban on a Sunday.
I hired a tricycle and went to church. I did not know that Tacloban City’s patron saint is the Sto. Nino. I’m glad because he’s our family’s patron saint too. And it gave me the chance to say thanks for bringing us to this place safely.
Tacloban Church
The flower vendors outside the church.

Tacloban City is a small place. I asked the driver to roam around its downtown area and see what’s there. He turned towards the pier. I’m glad he did since it gave me time to take pictures again. 🙂

When I got back to the hotel, John and I had breakfast. Our conversation:

Me   :   do you remember the bridge last night?
John:   yes
Me   :  can we go back there?
John :  why? (in a funny sounding voice)
Me   :  because I want to take pictures of it. It was so dark last night, I was not able to do so.

John looked at me as if I was crazy. haha…So I explained.

Me   : That is San Juanico Bridge. When I was in elementary, it was part of our history book. So I’d
like to go back there and take pictures.

John :  (Rolling his eyes) Seriously?! 30mins of travel to take pictures of a bridge?

To this date, John still thinks I’m crazy. hahaha….

San Juanico Bridge, Samar , Leyte.

Another thing I learned is that Tacloban City has one of the best Lechons (roasted pig) in the Philippines. We had no idea where we will have lunch and what awaits us on the road. So  we bought food on the road again. I bought rice and lechon for me. (That’s how I found out that it’s Tacloban’s specialty. ) And pizza for John.

Okay, so off we go.. looking for Mc Arthur! 🙂 Tsk.. tsk.. Leyte adventure will not be complete without checking the “I shall return” guy right? Of course!
Mc Arthur Landing park in Leyte, Philippines.
John and his countrymen. 🙂

The rain was drizzling. But well, it did not bother us. We were having fun cruising the road. Leyte to Liloan was a beautiful ride. The ricefield, the mountain view and the beach… wow, our government should seriously consider promoting this island to the whole world.

We found ourselves at Liloan Port. The ferry leaves late in the afternoon so we had no choice but wait. Liloan , Leyte to Surigao is a 4 hour trip.  Without typhoons or a low pressure , that 4 hour trip is heavenly.
Coin divers at Liloan Port.

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