Philippine Road Trip – Day 3

It had been a gruelling 2 days. But waking up from a deep slumber was both relaxing and refreshing. Today, starts a new episode. Another adventure to the unknown. 🙂 Of which I was excitedly looking forward to.We started our day with a great breakfast from La Roca Hotel. For Php2,400.00 per night, I thought that the place was cheap, considering the big room and the free breakfast that comes with the booking. I love their spacious and very clean bathroom. I am glad that we found an instant “home away from home” , so to speak.

At 9:00 a.m. , John and I were already on the road , trying to get out of Legazpi City. But we both realized that we’ve done the same road twice already. So I looked at the map again and wondered how on earth did we get lost? John stopped and I asked the vendor beside the road for direction. Using her finger and lips as she pointed the direction to us, I profusedly said “thank you”.
Okay,  now we understand how we mistakenly took another route. Finally, we found the main highway. Thank God. 🙂
The Park in Sorsogon.
Travelling in a highway is so much better than being in a big city. Traffic is lesser and the countryside gets more beautiful every minute that passes by. We did not even notice it when  we reached Sorsogon. We stopped for a short break, bought some “merienda” and used the park’s bathroom. It gave me time to satisfy my photography addiction too…  With John as my handsome but unwilling model.  ha..ha..
Beautiful mountains in Sorsogon.
Past lunchtime, we reached  MatnogPort.  This is where we will board the ferry going to Allen, Samar. The trip took 2 hours only. That gave us the respite we much needed. Again, I bought food. This time from the ferry canteen. There weren’t many options. But it’s better than nothing considering that we still had a long way to go.
The Ferry in Matnog.
The view from the ferry. See how small the boat was amidst the vastness of the sea.
Reminds me that I am just a speck on earth. Really.
The port in Allen, Samar.
Getting out of the port was no hassle. We were on the road again after a few minutes. What took time was crossing the rough and bumpy highway. That’s good news though. It means that our government is repairing the road. At least we know that taxpayer’s money is going somewhere. 🙂
Samar, Leyte has a lot to offer. They are blessed with beautiful beaches and mountain ranges that any adventurous traveller should try to visit. This trip taught me a lesson. I have so much to learn about my country. I am a Filipino but I did not know that these things exist in my own “backyard”. I am glad that I am a wanderlust. And I thank God for giving me a husband who understands it. And the means to rest when we want to.
A “postcard-perfect” scenery in Samar, Leyte.


The ingenuity of the Filipinos. Covered motorcycle being used as a public vehicle. 🙂
                                                          Lea C. Walker

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