Philippine Road Trip – Day 1

July 2010:

We arrived at NAIA around 8:30am.
By 9:30 am, we were already in Nissan to pick up the new van we bought. It’s been sitting there for almost a month but we wanted to pick it up in time of my non immigrant visa interview at the US Embassy. My mom-inlaw and I just talked on the phone. But she and the rest of John’s family has not seen me yet. Hence, the application for the US visa. I had no idea what proof the embassy needs for them to know that I’m coming back to Davao. But going by what everybody suggested, I brought all the important documents; bank statements, business documents, titles , etc.
So around 12:00nn , I was already at the embassy for my 1pm interview.
I was excited and nervous at the same time. Excited because I don’t know what the outcome would be. Nervous, because I know how the interviewers hate Filipinos. 🙂 They automatically think that since you’re going to the US, you’re not coming back.
Ok, I waited for quite sometime. Finally, it was time for my interview. Three questions later, the interviewer told me:  “I cannot give you a US visa right now because you’re not socially and economically qualified”.
I got stunned.
But I remember saying “excuse me? How can you say that, when you did not even look at my documents?”. For the first time, he looked at me. Really looked at me… He probably did not expect that I would question him. I’m just a lowly Filipina, after all. 🙂 A possible domestic helper, a worker of any kind who will go to the US and not come back…
I stared back. And I lost. 🙂
He said , ” you’re done ma’am. Finished. Next.”
Talk about being rude. But then again, I was just a number to him. So what does he care. It just felt unfair to me, because  I was never given a chance. He did not see the documents that I carried from Davao for that purpose. I was mad because it was heavy. I had at least 30 titles in my name and John’s, that day. Plus all the other docs I brought.
Three silly questions will not prove that I am not going back to Davao.  My whole life is here. Our business is here. Why would we throw that away? Boy, was I mad… I felt bad that I won’t be able to see my parents inlaw. They’re old people already. And they’ve wanted to see me for a long time. I’m the reason why their son is in the Philippines, instead of being with them in the US. So it was really sad that some misconception about Filipinos are hindering that plan.
For those who say that this is the 21st century and no more racism.. Try being a Filipina! And you’ll understand what I mean. 🙂
You know, for the longest time , I was mad. Not because of the visa. But because of the insult. Let me ask you, how do you become socially qualified? I have no idea..  Maybe, one of my friends can tell me how..
How many millions do you need to have in your account to qualify “economically“. Isn’t it enough that there’s money in your bank account to finance your vacation and more? I never professed to be rich. But we’re not poor either. All my life,  I have worked like there’s no tomorrow, to be where I am today.
For somebody to insult me like that… he’s a total jerk.
Of course, John was really mad. 🙂 But there’s nothing he can do. The embassy would not even let him in. He’s an american remember? But he was denied entrance because it’s my interview. Not his.
I have not been back since then. I don’t think I would like to go through the same humiliation again. It’s our 7th anniversary soon. So maybe I’ll go back next year. Let’s see if 7 is my lucky number. hahaha… I mean you know, they won’t look at your documents. So what else do they want? Blood? LOL
Anyway,  after the embassy fiasco, John and I met with our dear friend, Marlic. We had  lunch together. With me , spitting fire. Hay sus!
By 4pm that day, Kuya Dodong, my cousin who lives in Manila drove us to the boundary. From there John and I will travel on our own back to Davao. With just a map as our guide. Fun , right? 🙂
John with Kuya Dodong. The new Nissan van we bought, in the background.
After saying goodbye to Kuya Dodong, John and I moved on.  I’m glad there was still daylight because we had no idea what awaits us on the way to Lucena City. That’s where we will be staying that night.
I’m glad that Marlic’s son made a booking for us in a hotel there. I said thank you then kapatid , but I’ll say thank you again. 🙂 Can you imagine being in a new place with no idea where to stay? So yeah, John and I really appreciated your help.  Salamat kaayo! 🙂
I usually do online bookings but that time, I did not because it depended on my interview. Whether we will be staying in Manila for another day or not.
We arrived in Lucena City around 7:00 in the evening. I am glad that the hotel looked nice. And their dinner was good. We needed a good night’s sleep after a veeerrryyyy looooong day….:)
                                                                           Lea C. Walker

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