Camiguin – Part 2

While John and I were in Camiguin , my sister Daisy kept on texting how it was. So I told her that the island is so beautiful. (Please read part 1 of my Camiguin story here –
So they thought they’d spend their  week with us  in Camiguin too. They left Davao around midnight to head towards Camiguin via Butuan. (If you read my blog about Bohol, you’d know that it’s about 11 hours trip via Butuan. ) They arrived around 1:00pm in Camiguin port so we all had lunch at J & A Fishpen.
At J & A Fishpen.
Angie and Matt. J & A Fishpenn, Camiguin. 2008.
J & A Fishpen is very near the pier. I found it convenient because the ferry boat usually arrives late so the restaurant comes handy when you’re really hungry. While eating at the floating cottage, you can admire the panoramic view of the sea and the mountain as well.  The place is so relaxing, sleeping in a hammock after eating, would be perfect. Hmmn.. that’s just me, dreaming. hehe…
I knew that the whole family were all tired and haven’t had a night’s sleep so John and I led them to their place to rest.
The next day, we went to visit Ardent Hot Spring. I don’t know why but the water was not hot anymore. Maybe because the place was packed with people? hehe .. Or like they said, the water source moved somewhere else when they had an earthquake. Makes sense right? So I don’t know.. (shrugs.. )
One thing I liked about Camiguin, the entrance fees to their tourist spots, are very cheap. It just ranges from P10-50 pesos per head. 🙂 That matters when you’re with a big group. In our case, we usually go on vacation with the whole family, including our kasambahay and driver. Walang iwanan, remember? So if at all possible, we take everyone with us.
The following day, we headed towards Katibawasan Falls. The water was so cold,  it took us awhile to go swimming.   So we spent a lot of time taking pictures first!
Papa, Daisy with Franco, Mama
Mama, Me, Daisy with Franco, Pearlie..
All smiles.. hehe.. John normally does not like posing for me. lol
Don’t miss Katibawasan Falls when you’re in Camiguin. We loved the place!
Ruben and Blaire..
Adette and Angie. 🙂
Adette and Marco. 🙂
Marjun and Dandan.
After Katibawasan, we drove towards Camiguin Tree House. It was kinda eccentric for my taste. 🙂 But it had an appeal since it’s different. They got big statues of crocodiles, weird mermaid? , etc..
Before dinner that day, we were invited to the resort of our newly-found friends there. So we just hang out near the beach and chatted the rest of the day while waiting for the sunset. 🙂
I wonder what Marco was thinking.. He had that far away look..
We were in Camiguin once only. And that was 3 years ago. But the memories will always be instilled in our minds. The place was so beautiful, for me it’s magical…
Like I said in my previous article, Mindanao is so beautiful, it’s sad that it is depicted as a scary place…. Tsk.. tsk.. If only they knew… (sigh… )
Lea C. Walker

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4 Responses to Camiguin – Part 2

  1. Kaloy says:

    Wow, I am so moved by your blog@ I agree with your closing paragraph, it's sad that Mindanao is seen as a scary place, it's sad that the place where most of nature's gifted place in th Philippines are noted to be very dangerous. I think Mindanao is worth the loving, in fact I think most of Luzon and Visayas' food source is Mindanao. There's more than what meets the eye, more than what we see in the news. Camiguin is a very magestic island, people should try and visit it.Camiguin Island Resort


  2. Lea says:

    Hi Caloy, Thank you for reading my blog. 🙂 I love Camiguin. And I would really like to go back there someday. Like Davao, we never felt threatened or unsafe. Those who dared to come to Mindanao, realized that it is such a beautiful place, they never wanted to leave. he he… So I will just continue to blog about Mindanao and hopefully, the brave ones will come and visit us. Btw, is bahay bakasyunan yours? I like the place. But when we went there, it was fully booked. Thanks again!Lea


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