Tourist Destinations in Bangkok – Floating Market

We started around 9:30 a.m. the next day for our Bangkok tour. We had to stop at the Vietnam Embassy first though to pick up John’s visa. After which, off we went to the floating market. The ride was about an hour or so from downtown Bangkok at 110km per hour. Yes, it’s far. But it’s ok. We hired a taxi for the day so we had all the time in the world to enjoy the tour at our own pace. The fee was Thb2,500.00 . It would have been cheaper if we joined the bus tour but the Vietnam Visa had to be done first. So the bus tour was just not possible at all.

Upon reaching the floating market pier, the organizer told us to pay Thb1,500.00 for the boat ride. Of course, I learned to haggle the other night at the market, so I negotiated on the price. 🙂 Finally he agreed to lower down the price to Thb1,000.00 . I don’t know if it was cheap or not but I felt better that I saved Thb500.00 . haha…

They gave us a complimentary coconut juice. But John and I both declined.  I think we were both concerned with the boat going down the dirty river. he he.. Honestly, I was worried of anacondas or crocodiles. Our boat driver explained that there are no crocs in the area. So somehow that helped. 🙂 I am sure there are snakes there and he never said no when I mentioned it.

A few more minutes, our driver stopped at the
Coconut Sugar Farm. They sold candies, etc.
made of coconut. But I politely said no. I was
thinking, we have a coconut farm in Samal
Island so I know how to make sweets out of a
young coconut. 🙂  We chose to buy instead a
little boat, with a vendor and the fruits she’s
selling, as our souvenir of the floating market.

A few minutes later, we reached the busy part of the Floating Market. I was so amazed with what I saw. It must have been difficult living and doing business in the water. But they made it look so easy!

It’s a village on the water. Amazing right?!
My floating market experience was something I will never forget.  Indeed, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. My admiration goes to all the vendors and the people living in the area. 🙂
John and I agreed that we’re happy, we did not miss the ride. That was one learning experience for both of us.
When we got back to the pier, the organizer showed us a souvenir made of glass. It’s our picture on the boat which they took right before we left.  They sold it to us for Thb200.00 . If I wasn’t so excited about the whole trip, I probably would have negotiated again on the price. But well, that was a cheap price to pay for a good souvenir of one beautiful ride….
Thank you Manong! Our boat driver. 🙂

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