Bangkok – Day 1 and 2

Early this month, John and I did our first Southeast Asian Trip. First stop was Bangkok, Thailand. I have so much to share I don’t know where to start. 🙂

We arrived at  Suvarnabhumi International Airport around midnight. I researched about the train ride because it’s supposedly near our hotel. But we opted to take the taxi instead since we’re not familiar with the place. The driver, luckily was familiar with Baiyoke (pronounced by the locals as Bai-yok) Hotel. So after 15-20 mins ride,  we got there, safe and sound. 🙂 The fare = Thb 450, which is equivalent to Php675.00 or $16.00 . Not bad right?

The check in wasn’t difficult. In fact, the staff was very helpful. At first, he put us in a smoking room which we declined because of the stinky smell. We were then given an upgraded room, with no additional cost 🙂 … The unit was very big. It has its own kitchen, living room and one bedroom. I like the space but I thought that it needed some renovation.

Baiyoke Suite Hotel offers an extensive buffet breakfast. Food served were pancakes, fresh bread, french toast, fried or steamed rice, seafood , chicken and pork sausages, bacon, ham, salad, omelette, boiled eggs, fruits, milk, coffee, tea or juice.   If your booking comes with free breakfast, then you’re in for a treat. If not, you just have to pay Thb350.00 . After breakfast, John and I went to the lobby to check about their tours. That’s  when we met  Mike from the travel agency. We decided to rent a taxi for the tour. Mike offered to take us to  Vietnam Embassy for free to get John’s Visa. Since I am a Filipino, I do not need one for either Cambodia or Vietnam.  The processing takes time so we told Mike that we will just go back to the hotel on our own. And that we will just meet him at the lobby the next day for the tour.  I brought 2 passport size ID pictures of John so that wasn’t a problem for us. What got us delayed was the fact that they do not accept US dollar at the embassy. So we had to walk about 3 mins, went to the bank and got additional bahts. We
paid THB2,700.00 for the visa, which we were supposed to pick up around 4:00pm the same day. But
John said that we will just come back the next day instead. It was easier for us that way because we had our own ride then.
Platinum Fashion Mall on the right.

With the visa out of the way, we then proceeded to Platinum Mall. While we were having breakfast, we could see the mall from the hotel restaurant. So we thought we’d go there since it’s obviously very near. Going back to the hotel wouldn’t be a problem.  For those who love shopping, the place is heavenly. 🙂  It was packed with people pulling their travelling bags, trying to fill them with clothes, bags and what have you… I realized that this is probably where the boutique owners go to buy the stuff they sell in the Philippines.

I checked their products from ground floor to the sixth floor. haha… But had to stop to look for lunch. I found the food court on the 6th floor.  I saw one stall selling the hainanese rice and boiled chicken. I loved that when we went to Singapore, so I ordered it. Then I paid with cash. Everyone around me laughed and explained that I had to go the booth (which they kindly pointed to me) and exchange my money with a card. And that’s what I’m supposed to use in buying food. Duh… we don’t have that in Davao you see. hahaha…  I was laughing as I brought my food to the table. John missed that because you know where he was right? He was at Pantip Plaza , checking the computer gadgets. lol
We did the same in Singapore. I went to Bugis Market, while he had fun at Sim Lim Square. We’re an odd couple, we know,  but works for us. LOL
After lunch, we both decided to go back to the hotel. I think we both got suffocated with the crowd and the heat. For the first time in so many months, we slept the whole afternoon! Thank God for vacations. 🙂 Couldn’t do that in Davao because we’re working 7 days a week.
When we woke up, it was almost dark. So we thought we’d check the night market before going to dinner. Before I forget, the night market is just outside the hotel! So if you’re going to Thailand for shopping, this is where you should stay. I think that’s why Baiyoke Suite Hotel is getting away without the much needed remodelling. They’re always full since the shoppers opt to stay there, for the convenience it offers.
Night Market Stalls, outside Baiyoke Suite Hotel.
After checking the stalls and trying to decide what or which to buy, we headed back to the hotel for dinner.  Here are some photos of the food offered during dinner.
Did I mention that the view was fantastic?! 🙂
Salmon Steak, Pork Sirloin, Chicken Steak & Tenderloin Steak

The choices kept on and on. Needless to say, I had a feast. Specially with the prawns. hehehe… With Thb350.00 , it was more than worth it….

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