10 Things I Love About Eden

Eden Nature Park is my “go to place” in Davao City, when I am tired. Let me tell you why….

  1. Weather – being at the foot of Mt. Talomo and with Mt. Apo National Park at its backdoor, this resort is at least 10 degrees cooler compared to downtown Davao. Adding to the lower temperature are the surrounding pine trees , bamboos and the forest inside the resort.  January started hot. Very hot, actually. Our normal temperature the past weeks was 34’c (93.2’f)  with a high of about 39’c (102.2’f). That used to be 30-32’c . So yes, climate change is affecting us. With the El Nino phenomenon as well, summer started early this year. So I consider it a blessing that Davao City has Eden , where we can retreat to , when the city gets too much.

    eden nature park

    Sometimes, one gets lucky and experience a foggy Eden. 🙂

  2. Food –  Ahh… I would go up to Eden just for their buffet. Period. haha But my most favorite is their salad. Their hydroponic garden produces their own organic vegetables. That being said, their salad is made of freshly picked lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, etc. With their honey mustard sauce, it is heaven on earth. Okay, maybe not for those who do not eat vegetables. 🙂 But I would like to say this, I regret those years that I have been going there and never tried their salad because I don’t eat that much of a vegetable. I have started patronizing their salad about 2 years ago only. They look so good that I thought, what could go wrong?! Tsk..tsk. Honestly, biggest regret of my life is that I started too late.
    Fresh Salad. A must while at Eden Nature Park's Restaurant.

    Fresh Salad. A must while at Eden Nature Park’s Restaurant.


  3.  Swimming Pool. Most people visit Eden Nature Park for the view and to spend time with family. Since the place is so big, there are so many things to do. Hence, the swimming pool isn’t crowded. And I find it cleaner than most public pools in the city. The water comes from a spring, so it is cold. But if you dip in the pool on a sunny day, it is perfect! 🙂 The picture below was taken on an ordinary weekend. Like I said, their pool isn’t crowded.  I’ve been there so many times and it is always like that. Except during holidays. 11427244_990296354336890_531583367680323218_n[1]IMG_9806

4. Elysia.      They added this massage place about a year ago. I am so glad that they did because that means a perfect get away for me. Can you imagine getting a massage before going to sleep at night? Awesome right? Now it is made possible there.

Eden massage

I took this selfie after getting a massage, in one of our family day tours there. It’s so relaxing , it felt so good afterwards.


5. Cottages. The hubby and I love their vista cottage.  The bedroom opens up to a wide porch covered with screen so insects can’t disturb your rest. This allows cool fresh air to get inside the room as well.  The porch overlooks the forest and the sound of the running water on the creek below is music to my ears. 🙂5686_1098956540137537_5467034407730360757_n[1]

Above – Vista Cottage porch.

Below: The bedroom. It has a sliding glass door going to the porch. The bathroom is big and comes with hot/cold water both in the shower and in the sink. IMG_6557

For family use: Camella Cottage is perfect. It can accommodate 4 people , each room. It is also convenient because it’s near the restaurant and the playground. I like that because my parents are senior citizens. While my mother is okay, my father isn’t. He walks slowly  due to his previous high blood stroke. So going to the restaurant is easy for them. And they can easily watch the “apos”  (grand kids) while they’re having fun in the nearby playground.

Camella Cottages.

Camella Cottages come with a large bathroom.  There are several adjacent cottages so it’s great for big families who do not want to be away from each other.


6. Forest Tour. This is a beautiful way to bond with the family and the staff.  I find it cheap at P80.00 per head if you’re a guest of the resort. Seeing our vacation/get-away photos make me happy. So it’s so worth it,  to see everyone having fun. 🙂

IMG_0162 IMG_0172 IMG_0195 IMG_0203

7.  Fun Activities:  My nephews love playing Frisbee in their wide open park.


But aside from that Eden offers more – horseback riding, indiana jones ride, sky rider, sky cycle, sky swing among other things. So children and adults alike will not get bored. 🙂

This photo of Matt was taken on 2011. 🙂


Even at their younger age, my nephews love Eden already. 🙂 Matt with Marco here…


Franco, riding the Indiana Jones.  Look at the grin on his face! haha


My youngest nephew Wemce, with his mom.  It’s endearing to see them laughing. haha


If you want more adventure, here are the cost. 🙂


8. Fishing. Of course, my all time favorite. No explanation needed. 🙂 I don’t eat Tilapia, which is what you will get in Eden. But it is fun to fish. So there we go! ha ha


This signage refers to the people who throw their garbage in the pond. But of course, the hubby took it differently. hahahaIMG_6749


9.  Aviary , Butterfly and Flower Garden. Question – what’s not to like about those? None right? 🙂

42 045 (2)



036 040



10. The feeling of contentment when I am there.  I do not own the place. Wish ko lang. haha.. I’m not even paid for this write up. But that’s the truth. Eden is a part of my life. And the people I love. We all love the place as if we are a part of it too. It may sound weird but that’s just how it is. It’s not just a place to visit but a place for us to unwind. Enjoy each other’s company and be at peace with nature. 🙂 I just realized that my nephews grew up with Eden Nature Park as  part of their young lives. I believe I will grow old/older (ha ha) with this park on the background as well. In one of our conversations, I told the hubby, that we should buy a place in the area. His reply was – if we don’t want to cook, we will still go to Eden to eat. So it is cheaper to just stay in one of their cottages. No maintenance.  I get his point! lol 20160101_191106 IMG_6669 20150606_142423 20151130_112349

For more details about Eden Nature Park, please visit their website. –  edennaturepark.com.ph/

Tip  – visit their facebook page or their website. They have 50% to 70% discount on room rates from time to time. The booking comes with free entrance to the pool and the fishing village. So book ahead of time and enjoy the discounted rates. Buffet costs P380.00 only per head when you are an overnight guest as well.







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6 Responses to 10 Things I Love About Eden

  1. A very nice list of the things you love in our resort (actually it’s more than nice!). Hope to see you in person to personally thank for the great praise we are receiving through your blog.


  2. Brenda Ocampo says:

    We thank you for the great article about Eden! Warm smiles and efficient service is our policy everyday for every guest. Our staff truly cares about all your travel needs making your visit comfortable and memorable. Again, we thank you for choosing Eden!


  3. Hi Ma’am, we met about a few weeks ago in the Vista Restaurant where you were with your husband and your friend. Thank you for posting this. I believe I speak for everyone from the rank and file to top management when I say that we are very glad that you enjoy Eden so much that you decided to share it to the world, and that this is an encouragement for us to work at making Eden a real Eden.



    • Hello Raffy,

      You’re welcome. 🙂

      I’m happy to have Eden Nature Park in Davao. It’s a perfect place to rest when we are tired. Thanks for keeping it all together. I commend how you take care of the forest, the trees and the gardens.

      Hopefully, our future generation will enjoy it as much as we do now.

      Thank you.



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