Road Trip 2017 – Yosemite National Park (Day 1)

Yosemite National Park is located in Northern California.  Pronounced as “yoh-sem-i-tee” , this park has a coverage of 747,956 acres or 302,687 hectares. It includes Toulumne, Madera and Mariposa Counties.

Designated as a World Heritage Site in 1984, Yosemite is internationally recognized for its granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streamsgiant sequoia groves, lakes, mountains, glaciers, and biological diversity. – ( Wikipedia)

From Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco , it is only 165 miles to the park. As per google map, the trip only takes 3.5 hours. But well it took us more than that because we had to stop several times. This is why I love our road trips because a) we can stop anywhere we want to  b) we can travel at our own pace without worrying about other people waiting on us and c) since I have hotel bookings in advance, we can just check in late at night if we have to.  I find that more relaxing that going on a tour.

So anyway, after checking out that day, the hubby and I picked up the prepaid vehicle we rented through Dollar Rent A Car, located at The Sheraton Hotel.

We took 880 / 580 / 132 / South 99 and 140 from the  Fisherman’s Wharf to our final destination of the day, The Yosemite View Lodge in El Portal, California.

Let me show you the photos I took on this route.

On our way to Bay Bridge here.

At the Bay Bridge, going out of San Francisco.

The Route to Yosemite. At Interstate 580 here.

First stop. San Francisco Premium Outlets. 🙂 

Moving on. Towards I-880.

Several lanes. Busy Interstate. And yet, no congestion. Why? Because people stick to their lanes. No crazy driving. 

We stopped at a mall here. To buy our AT & T sim cards. And hiking shoes.

The farther we traveled, the view got better and better. Lesser traffic, green environment, no crowd. Just open fields, as far as the eyes can see.

This is along Highway 132, I believe.

Littering Fine = $1,000.00 dollars. I can’t blame them. The place looked so beautiful. It would be a pity if it gets trashed.

As we got nearer to Yosemite, the mountains became more visible. 

And we traveled with the Merced River beside the road. 

I found the pink bushes really beautiful. But I forgot to ask the locals there, what was its name. 

Finally, we have arrived. In front of us was The Yosemite View Lodge.

It would have been more convenient to stay inside the park. But booking at the lodges there should be at least 6 months ahead of time. And since, we were still in the US  6 months ago, I didn’t think of it. Hence, our stay at The Yosemite View Lodge.

This is located just outside the park. I loved it because we could hear the rushing river. Plus the rooms came with a kitchen. Meaning, I could cook rice if I wanted to. 🙂 It was very spacious. And the balcony overlooked the mountain and the river. So beautiful and relaxing….

TIP :  

Yosemite National Park gets visited by at least 4 million people per year. With that said, it gets crowded during peak season. Hence, it is a must that you book ahead of time.

If you decide to stay at Yosemite View Lodge, I suggest that you bring food if you want to cook. There is a grocery store within the vicinity but oftentimes, meats and other stuff, get sold immediately. So it is easier to just bring your own stock. There is a refrigerator inside the room anyway.

If you do not want to cook, they have a pizza place and a restaurant there. The breakfast buffet was good. And their ala-carte menu,   for either lunch or dinner , as well.

For more details of Yosemite View Lodge, please check their website here –

I will try to write soon about the rest of our visit at Yosemite National Park. So please come back again soon. 🙂 Thank you for traveling with me.




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