New President, New Hope….

It has been a grueling journey for our beloved Mayor. But yesterday, 30 June 2016, the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines , Rodrigo R. Duterte, took his oath and gave his simple yet very powerful message.

To be honest, I never cared much for Presidential Ceremonies. But with President Duterte, most Davaoenos , including me, were glued to the TV , computers or gadgets to watch his oath taking event. We are so proud of our Mayor, yes. But more than that, we are happy that finally, someone who really loves the people is given the chance to lead the country.

His brand of leadership has been proven in Davao City. As a father to the largest city in the Philippines by land mass, he is respected and loved. He is a disciplinarian who has a big heart for the poor , the sick and ordinary civilians like me. That is why we Davaoenos, fought for him during the campaign. The 16 million Filipinos that voted for him felt his love for the people and his sincerity to serve equally, both the rich and the poor.

He is the only government official I know, who is ready to die for his constituent.

And so today , at the start of his 6 year term, I thank God for giving us an excellent and honest leader. May he always protect him from harm. And that good health will be upon him as he takes the nation to its new height.

I pray that the people of the Philippines will feel the change that is about to come. That criminality will be stopped. That once again, the peso will be at par with the dollar. That the lives of every Filipino will be uplifted from severe poverty to a better way of life. That real equality will be felt by all of us. And that each Filipino will be proud to be called citizens of the Philippines. As we Davaoenos, have been very proud of our city.

To President Rodrigo R. Duterte, congratulations sir! I know that you will work hard to fulfill your promises to the Filipino people. I know that you will do your best to serve all of us. And so I am thanking you in advance.

Thank you because now I do not have to worry of the airport scam every time I travel. Thank you because now I do not have to wait “forever” for government documents to be released. Thank you because with your leadership, all Filipinos will strive to do better. Hence, creating a better and safe environment for both adults and children. Most importantly, thank you Sir for uniting all Filipinos. This means that real peace has a chance. Thank you.

Before I end this piece, I hope that in the next 6 years , you will give emphasis on the following:

  1. Infrastructure – Fix our highways with high standard. That way, we do not need to repair them often. If these are done right the first time, then that is cost effective and would save the Filipinos tons of money. Build Interstates if we have to. Connect the nation with more roads and bridges.

2. Support our farming industry.  We need to be self-sufficient. So we are not at the mercy of others. Fix our irrigation system.

3. Power and Water.  We are paying top price for electricity despite its terrible services. Sir, I would like to mention specially Emily Homes in Cabantian. My mother doesn’t have water from 6 am to 12 noon everyday since October last year.  The rapid growth in the community has somehow affected the subdivision’s water supply. I have nothing against development. It is a must. And it is welcome. But with this growth, upgrades should be done to ensure that no one suffers.

4. Telecommunications.  We are , again,  paying a top price for a very slow internet connection. The providers should not promise if they cannot deliver.

5. Education. Poverty should never be a reason for a child not to be able to go to school.  And Sir, please include “Finance” subjects starting in  Elementary. That way children at a young age will learn to be more responsible about money.

6. National Parks. The Philippines is so beautiful, we should all be proud of what we have to offer. Please protect our forests and our natural resources. Create an effective National Park Services where the study and protection of wildlife and their habitats are given priority. Teach all Filipinos to respect our nature more. Inculcate in our children’s minds that we need to love our parks for future generation.

7. Tourism. The likes of Bucas Grande Islands , El Nido and Onuk Islands in Palawan, Samal Island in Davao,  are few of the best white sand beaches in the country . They capture the hearts of travelers , local and international alike. Hence it is a must that we upgrade the training and services of our tourism industry. The airports must be ready for the influx of people worldwide. The airport staff should take care of our visitors and our balikbayans, rather than treat them with disrespect by scamming them. The transportation industry ie : taxi drivers should also learn how to deal with tourists. I notice in most places I visit in the Philippines, the hotels are mostly overpriced. I can get a better rate staying at the MGM in Las Vegas than some of the hotels in our country. And you get better service, food , accommodation, etc. from the former. I am hoping that during this term, tourism services will be upgraded. And more affordable for ordinary Filipinos , like us.

8. Transportation.  International Flights from Davao to the US or other major countries in the West would be very nice. Decongest Manila by transferring or adding some airline hubs to Davao.

Once again, Congratulations President Rodrigo R. Duterte!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas. 🙂








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