US Roadtrip – Utah

Still following US 89 route, our roadtrip brought us to Spanish Fork , Utah.  Its main highway called Interstate 15 or I-15 is so busy we had to make sure we didn’t miss our exit. This is where I first saw “snow capped mountains” from a distance. Coming from a tropical country, such panoramic vista was a beauty to behold. It left me grinning from ear to ear. ha ha

I was glad that I asked for a mountain view room at the Best Western Hotel. It was our first time to stay at BW so John and I both wondered how it is. Turned out to be a nice one. Their king room is spacious. And comes with a bath tub. Perfect after a day’s travel.

This is where I got introduced to Denny’s also, a chain of cheap fastfood, just like McDonald’s. The difference is that they had steak with pilaf rice. 🙂 It became my instant favorite. lol  It’s a clean place with good food, plus steak at $10 , that’s cheap! So why not? ha ha… The best thing about it is that it was just a few steps away from the hotel. We were so tired from the trip that we could have eaten anything and go to sleep. So it came as a nice surprise when the food turned out to be better than expected.

The next day, I was glad that I woke up early. Loved the sunrise photo I took of the mountain infront of me. BW serves breakfast until 9 in the morning. It consisted of fresh pancake, bread, sausage and coffee.

After breakfast, we left for Salt Lake City. The trip was just a few minutes from our hotel through I-15. Found an Eddie Bauer shop, so we stop to purchase some clothes. Again. 🙂 You know, one of the best reasons why you should go to the US during fall is the mall discounts. It ranges from 30 to 50% of its original value. Comes out cheaper than shopping in the Philippines! Best buy I made were naturalizer shoes for work. Nike , Adidas and Rebook for my nephews are way cheaper too than buying them in my country. Seemed unbelievable at first. But there it was. 🙂

Other than the shopping spree of course, the fall  foliage is something to look forward to. The leaves at its peak, change from green to orange, yellow or red.  For nature lovers and photography enthusiasts, believe me it’s a feast for the eyes. The word, gorgeous , is an understatement!

Utah (2)

Utah (1)

That’s the view from Best Western Hotel. The snow capped mountains looked beautiful as the morning sun touched its tip. 🙂

Autumn brings cooler wind and beautiful colors…. 🙂 US 89 says “40 miles per hour”. That’s to ensure that no deer or other animals die as they cross the street. We didn’t want to rush anyway, because we wanted to enjoy the view as much as we could.

Utah (39) Utah (38) Utah (36) Utah (35) Utah (34) Utah (33) Utah (32) Utah (31) Utah (30)

The colorful mountains of Utah.

Utah (17) Utah (16) Utah (15) Utah (14) Utah (13) Utah (12) Utah (11) Utah (10) Utah (9) Utah (8) Utah (7) Utah (6) Utah (5) Utah (4) Utah (3)

And the lakes….

Near the boundary of Utah and Idaho, sits Bear Lake. Wikipedia says – Bear Lake is a natural freshwater lake on the UtahIdaho border in the Western United States. It is the second largest natural freshwater lake in Utah[1] and has been called the “Caribbean of the Rockies” for its unique turquoise-blue color, which is due to the reflection of “limestone deposits suspended in the lake.”[2] Its water properties have led to the evolution of several unique species of fauna that occur only within the lake.[3] Bear Lake is over 250,000 years old.[4] It was formed by fault subsidence that continues today, slowly deepening the lake along the eastern side.[5]

Utah (42)

Utah (37)

Utah (27)

Utah (19)

The herd of cows…

Utah (20)

Utah (18)

The Capital City of Utah, Salt Lake…

Utah (23) Utah (22)

Utah (29) Utah (28)

We spent about 3 days in the State of Utah. But the place and the people I met, left a mark that I will forever remember. . . .

Lea C. Walker


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