Recreation at SM Lanang Premier

My nephews, Blaire (we call him cholo)  and Marco,  wanted to watch the cartoon movie, Planes.  So John and I took them to SM Lanang during the holiday last week.

The movie has already started when we arrived. So to kill the time, we had an early lunch at Classic Savory. Incidentally, I would like to share that food is good at Classic Savory. I like the taste of their chicken. And if you buy a combo meal, it comes with drinks,  noodles or pork ribs. Plus turon, a local dessert made of banana and jackfruit. For P195 per order, I think that’s a good deal. 🙂

Classic Savory

After lunch, I bought the theater tickets for the 2:10pm show. Then,  proceeded to SM Bowling area. This is located on the second floor near the cinemas.

I found out the following:

a) Shoe rental is P30.00 per head for adults and kids.

b) Cost per game is P90.00 per head.

c) They offer drinks – coffee, juice, beer, etc. And food as well. So you can eat while enjoying the game. 🙂

d) Other activities include: billiard , closed room for videoke and several video games.

In our case, we taught my nephews how to play bowling.

SM Lanang Bowling 541746_619032484796614_105577783_n[1] 1157593_619033401463189_2113788766_n[1] 1185461_618896431476886_1389189437_n[1] 1185778_619033894796473_1441600075_n[1]

John and I both needed practice. It’s been forever since we played bowling. But we all had fun, specially the kids! 🙂

After several games, it was time for Planes already. The story of the movie was definitely for kids. But we liked it still.  Plus Gabriel Iglesias (Fluffy)  played Ned and Zed. 🙂 I just have to say this, “Fluffy – you are one of the funniest people on earth! ” If you guys, are wanting to have a good laugh, try Gabriel Iglesias. You won’t be disappointed. Believe me!

The recreation area of SM Lanang Premier is a good venue for families to have clean fun. 🙂

Lea C. Walker


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