Kadayawan 2013

Kadayawan is a Thanksgiving Festival celebrated by Davaoenos every August of each year. This time the culmination will be on August 17 – 18, 2013 with Indak – Indak sa Kadalanan (Street Dancing Parade) and Pamulak Kadayawan (Floral Float Parade).

Here’s the Official Schedule of Activities which I copied from Davao City’s website:

Kadayawan 2013

How To Go To Davao City:

a) By plane (Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, etc.)

b) By bus (from nearby provinces)

c) By Sea

Where To Stay: 

This link will give you information about Davao and the hotels located here. Nearest to the action would be Marco Polo, Royal Mandaya Hotel and Humberto’s Inn.


Where To Eat in Davao City:

There are so many options.  So no one, I repeat, no one is going to get hungry. 🙂

The malls are packed with restaurants. The hotels offer buffet or ala carte breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fastfood courts abound. There are Mcdonald’s and Jollibee’s everywhere, if you want to be on the cheap side.

My favorite restaurants are featured here –


If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Happy Kadayawan everyone!

See you in Davao soon. 🙂



Lea C. Walker











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