Hidden Island Resort

During our Surigao escapade last August 2012, we stayed at Hidden Island Resort in Bucas Grande Islands, Surigao del Norte.

I loved the place. Grabe! 🙂

The resort is surrounded with small islands and the contrast between the blue sea and the green colors of the hills is simply breathtaking. The water was so clear that no matter how deep it is, you can see the bottom. It’s just so beautiful and peaceful…

The islands fronting the resort.

The Resort:

According to the staff, they have been in operation for 3 years now. And so far, they’ve done a good job of it. The cottages are big. It comes with a porch that’s perfect for reading, relaxation or just chatting with your family.

What I love the most about it is that underneath, there’s a cage filled with Lapu-lapu, turtles and other fishes. It was fun watching my nephews feed them. I was glad that we stayed there.

Under the cottages, there are turtles and other marine life. 🙂

The biggest turtle I’ve seen, so far. 🙂

Huge Lapu-Lapu. 🙂

The amenities and facilities include: videoke bar (far from the cottages). So even if you sing your heart out, it’s not going to disturb the rest of the guests.

Stilt cottages. And the videoke bar on the far end.

There’s a restaurant. You can order food based on  their available stock. Our booking came with a free breakfast. We were given a plated set of egg, rice and corned beef or hotdog. 🙂 The food was just ok. We were out mostly anyways and we booked for buffet during our island hopping and sohoton tour with the local tourism office. So it didn’t matter much.

The Restaurant.

The Cottage:

During our 2 nights /3 days stay, my sisters and I rented 3 family rooms and the hidden suite for me and John. I loved the space in our cottage. The bathroom was big and had a tub. Our main problem was, during our first day we had no water. 😦 The rooms only got water around 4pm on the 2nd day. It was so sad considering the amount we paid.

The Hidden Suite had a walk-in closet, a sala and a big bathroom with tub.

Bathroom at the Hidden Suite.

Near the tv rack, the wall has a small hole. We found that out because John got bitten by a rat. It’s a good thing its teeth didn’t go through or that would really have messed up our vacation. We asked the staff to fix it and the rat didn’t come back anymore. It was huge so I really didn’t like seeing that.

The family rooms, same with the Hidden Suite , were also spacious. And the bathroom also had a tub. When the water finally flowed, my sisters Pearlie and Daisy, filled the tub with water so the family can take a bath the next day. Yes, there was a low pressure that time. I don’t know if it’s always like that or it was just our luck. lol

The Service:

Prior to booking, we asked if they can serve us lunch upon arrival. We were told that the buffet would cost P175.00 per head. My sister and I said ok, because we knew it was a long trip for us and that everybody would get hungry. Christine , the booking incharge, confirmed. We were happy that we don’t have to worry over food anymore, the whole time we’re in Socorro. As far as we were concerned, everything was set. 🙂

Then the night before our arrival, I got so disappointed when I received a text message saying ,  there will be no lunch since their boss had an emergency and had to fly somewhere else. That really sucks right? But well, what can you do. So we ended up buying Lechon Manok on our way to the port.

When we arrived at the resort , we were greeted with the smiling staff. 🙂

Edith, the resort incharge was so apologetic. I think maybe because of the cancelled lunch. Plus she had to tell us that they have a black out. She said that they have a generator so they will turn it on by 6pm.

I told Edith that it’s alright. It was still daytime anyway, I thought.

The kids borrowed life vests from Edith (it’s free) so they can swim. The kayak use was also free.

Then night time came, it was already dark. And we still had no light. Mama got so upset because the kids are already asking what time we’re going to have electricity. For safety reasons, it’s difficult if you don’t see what’s going on around you. Other than that, papa has a high blood problem. So he would need an aircon. During our booking, I explained all this to the booking incharge.

So I finally called up Christine, the incharge whom I talked to during the booking. I told her that we had no water. And no electricity. 😦

We were told that their other generator is not working. And the other worker was still figuring out how to make it work. lol

I said, they had 5 hours to “figure it out and fix it”. You know, when it was still daytime. 😦

Finally, after an hour or so, the generator worked. We had dinner about 8pm already.


Like I said, the place is so beautiful. The resort is very nice. It just needs better services. The staff explained to us that it was their first time to be left alone. Normally, the owners are there so it runs smoothly. I told them, we too had businesses. But when we’re out, we make sure that the staff knows what to do. So no one would suffer while we are away.

In our case, there were so many inconveniences.

I guess that’s the reason why it took me forever to write this review.

We were disappointed because with the cost we paid, we expected a better service. Family Room costs Php3,600.00 . (We rented 3 family rooms). The Hidden Suite cost P3,300.00 . And that’s a promo rate.

I’m just glad that our booking with the local tourism office was a success. Our Sohoton Tour and island hopping with buffet lunch and dinner were so good that it gave all of us good memories of Bucas Grande Islands.

To Edith and the rest of the staff, thank you for taking care of us during our stay. What you all lacked in training, you gave back by trying to make things work. Daghang salamat! 🙂

I just hope that what we experienced will not happen to your other guests.

Lea C. Walker



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