Goodbye Pop…

Pop is Paul Wayne Walker. The father of John. And my father inlaw.

At 2:20pm today, 26 May 2012, he passed away in his sleep.

I feel terrible because 7 years ago, I told John that I don’t want to live in the U.S.  So he decided to retire in the Philippines instead. Because of that, he has spent very little time with his family. We talk on the phone always, thanks to Magic Jack and Vonage. 🙂 But it’s not the same when you see each other in person.

So I’ve tried to apply for a US Visa. But since I come from a “third world” country, I got denied. What hurts is that the consul did not even bother to look at the stack of titles I brought with me. The financial documents and all the other proof of income we have.

Sucks right.

But what hurts more is that pop died without having seen me. The reason why his son chose to live in the Philippines than the U.S.

During our trip in Thailand last year, we bought him this nice polo shirt made of silk. We thought of sending it through a courrier but he said that it’s better if we give it to him in person. Now, I cannot do that anymore…

I am crying as I write this because John just said, “what am I going to do with this now?”

The polo shirt we bought in Thailand for pop.

I packed it in his suitcase because he decided to put it in pop’s grave. That would fulfill pop’s request for us to bring it to him in person. Err.. sorry, not us. Because  I still  don’t have a US visa. Therefore,  I cannot even see him on his funeral. 😦

Sometimes, it sucks to be a Filipino.

It does not matter even if you’re qualified. And that you just really want to visit and enjoy your vacation. No, those don’t matter at all.

If you’re a Filipino, you’re automatically being judged as poor. And therefore, wants to work in the US. So the consul takes one look at you and decide that you are not qualified “socially and economically”. Whatever that means…

So for me, I lost one great opportunity to meet the father of my husband. I cannot hug him anymore. And I cannot even say happy father’s day pop anymore.

So I’ll just say, goodbye pop one last time. And may God accept your soul in heaven.

I love you.


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5 Responses to Goodbye Pop…

  1. Beng says:

    Beautiful ode to Wayne Walker. He knew how much you wanted to meet him and his wife (your mom in law). The life you live and how happy you are with his son John and how much you two love each other, would have been enough to tide him over the 7 years of waiting to meet the woman whose affection, caring and love for his son sustains and nurtures a marriage built on love.
    My sympathies John and Lea. Godspeed to Paul Wayne Walker.



    • Beng, thank you my friend…. I can’t stop crying thinking about the lost opportunity of having met him in person. I will just keep in my heart the fact that he has been good to me.. 😦


      • Beng says:

        I can’t begin to imagine how painful it must feel. I pray you can find solace in that John his son lives a very happy life with you. There will be “other” times.
        Wherever Mr. Walker’s journey takes him — he knows he is loved by family foremost, including you.


  2. jane walker says:

    I love you Lea. My dad would be so pleased to know you take such good care of his son. It means a lot to us.


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