Let Your Money Work For You

I started blogging on May 2011. 🙂 This month is my blog’s 1st year anniversary. I am so happy that my cousin introduced me to the world of blogging because it gave me an outlet.
Writing down my thoughts and emotions helps me relax. While photography releases all the tensions and pressures away..
Having been exposed to the world of blogging, I’ve met bloggers in person and online. I love to read their travel stories and experiences. And one thing that keeps coming up is the issue on earning while travelling.
Now, I am not a tech savvy gal. 🙂 I may be some kind of a geek , I think. But I don’t think I will be able to earn online like the other travel bloggers do while travelling. I just find that soooo cool. So hat’s off ako to all the bloggers out there who left their works behind so they can pursue their passion in travelling.
I cannot do what they are doing now. 🙂 But I am slowly but surely trying to ease my way off the business. No don’t get me wrong.. I am not going to close our business. Not gonna happen! Thank God.So what am I talking about?
The past years, my husband and I have been investing in properties. Every chance and opportunity we get, we buy. You know why? Because real estate appreciates. Specially land.
The prices may be low today but it’s not gonna stay like that forever. In Davao and Samal Island, there has been at least 10-20% increase in the last 2 years. So the value of your investment, (based on the present trend) will double in 5 to 10 years. And I am talking of conservative growth. Davao, like I said, is booming. So there is a demand for commercial lots these days. If one has invested years ago, there might be a chance for it to get rented or sold at double/triple the price now.
What I am saying is – let your money work for you!
Never let it sleep in the bank.
You get 3.5% – 5% interest per annum/ year  for a P1M time deposit. While you can get at least  10% increase on the real estate value per year. Duh, that’s a no brainer right? If you know how to handle your money right, you get to earn more than double of your investment in  five year’s time. I did that. So no one can tell me that it’s not true. It is possible.
I used to be a currency trader. But the risk is just too high. So I will never recommend that to anybody again. Yes, it earns a lot. But you lose fast too. That’s why it’s called calculated gambling.
Stock Market? Yep, I would do that. But only on  a long term basis. For Filipinos, think of Jollibee , Ayala Land, Inc. etc.
But let me reiterate, there is money in Real Estate. Invest . Let it sleep. Then sell…
While you’re busy travelling and spending money, of course. Your investment is working and earning for you.
And I’m not talking about a measly amount too…
So think smart.
One. Invest. Invest. Invest. In Real Estate if you can.
Two. Only borrow when you know for sure that the money you borrowed will earn more than the interest you are paying. IF NOT, THEN RUN… 🙂
Err.. it goes without saying not to borrow to buy an expensive cellphone, ipad, etc.
I listened to a cooperative seminar a few months ago. Something the speaker said stuck in my mind. They have a travel loan for the members.I was thinking, who would borrow to travel?  I mean seriously?
If you can’t afford to travel then stay put! With the economy going down all over the world, stick to the money you have. Do not borrow unnecessarily..
My husband often tells me that I am “kuripot”. To my non-filipino readers, it means “stingy”. I am thinking, I am not. Really. I just know what I need and what I want. If I need something, that’s when I buy. If it’s something I just want and can live without, then I don’t. Simple. Right?
Yes, I maybe working too hard now. But in between, I stop and go to places like Hagimit Falls. Or the beach. I stop and write. To relax.
But my long term goal is to harvest what we planted over the years. Then, I can afford to travel the whole world without working. :)Isn’t that best?
This is all in God’s hands. So I am asking for his continued blessings. I am praying for you too.. Maybe someday we will meet around the globe huh?! 🙂
                                                            Lea C. Walker

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Businesswoman. Realtor. Photographer. Traveler. Blogger.
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