Soothing One’s Soul at Hagimit Falls

A friend of mine called up and said that she’s entertaining a friend from the US who wants to see Hagimit Falls in Samal Island. She asked if John and I would like to join them.
I said, perfect! 🙂 I gladly welcome the short break because if you remember, I’ve been sick the past weeks. John got my flu too. And we couldn’t really rest because we had work to do.
We met up  near the ferry boat port past 2 pm. My friends came from Costa Marina, another beautiful beach resort in Limao, Penaplata. While John and I came from our farm in Kinawitnon.
The trip took about 15 mins on a concrete national highway. After paying the entrance fee of P40.00 , off we went to the waterfalls.
When we reached the water, John took off his shoes. 🙂 And waded his feet in the river.
While Ruby and I continued onwards. We crossed the bridge and reached this small cascade. I could hear Ruby shreiking, oh my god… I didn’t know Hagimit is this beautiful. 🙂
I proudly said yep! 🙂
And I’m glad I became the tour guide that day. It was my way of saying thank you to Samal island for giving me such wonderful memories. And of course, our main business is here.
I told them that it’s best to visit Hagimit Falls on a weekday because it’s not filled with people. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that tourism is booming in Samal. But when you want to commune with nature, it is best if it’s quiet so you can hear the soothing sound of the waterfalls. Feel the soft touch of the breeze as it gently releases the tiredness of your body and soul.
He.he.. emo moment eto. 🙂 But it’s true. For me, at least…
I saw John watching the other pool of water. So I clicked my camera for a shot as I called his name. He said that he likes the milky blue color of Hagimit. And yeah, I never thought of it before as that.. milky blue. We all wondered why. I said maybe it’s because of the limestone underneath? haha..
Whatever it is we all fell inlove with Hagimit, that’s for sure….
                                             John, loving the ambiance at Hagimit Falls..
     Just looking at it makes me realize how blessed we all are.. This is a free gift from God.
As we continued on, Ruby and I found this spot. Vincent, her friend took this photo of her as she touched the clear water.
                                     Photo Courtesy of A. Vincent.
We immediately took off our shoes ,  sat at the river bank and let the water soak our feet. We were laughing because we don’t know if the dirt in our clothes can still be cleaned. But we didn’t mind, the place is so beautiful , you’d be so dense if you won’t love every bit of it…
        I love the rustic bridge…
The milky blue water of Hagimit Falls.
Our friends, Ruby and Vincent.
Before leaving, I took these photos of Hagimit in the dark. The place is covered with bamboos, coconuts, huge trees and all that. I’ve always thought that it would be scary to stay there in the dark, but I was wrong…
In fact it was relaxing. I could hear the crickets. 🙂 And the birds singing..
As we headed back to the parking space, I saw some people who were staying there overnight. Each cottage was provided with a torch. So authentic right? 🙂 Going back to the basic, literally…
We left past 6pm. Going up the stairs in the dark was difficult but we didn’t mind.
And no, it’s not dangerous here. 🙂  When you’re in Davao or Samal Island, you’re safe. So you don’t worry of safety issues, etc.
So if your plan is to commune with nature, I suggest that you head towards Hagimit Falls this summer. Oh my god.. I can still remember the cool water gently rocking my feet and healing me. Life is so busy and our minds are so filled with all the clutters in the world.
But at the end of the day, it’s how you find time to be silent and listen to your heart and to what the universe is telling you. It makes it all the more memorable if it’s shared with the people that matters to you…
In my case, I was lucky enough to have shared this beautiful moment with my husband and friends…I shrieked when I fell .. haha.. John worriedly ran towards me. But I told him I was fine and so is my camera. hahaha… Ruby helped me get up while Vincent took a picture of me. That was really funny.
All in all, it was a moment to remember. Hagimit was a witness to our shared happiness and joy…
Thank you Hagimit Falls for a wonderful afternoon.
We will surely be back….
                                                           Lea C. Walker

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