Our day started early. The bus driver had to pick us up early from the hotel because it’s Singapore’s election day, therefore it’s a holiday. A lot of people might be travelling to Malaysia and the immigration office might be busy. So to avoid a long line, we made sure that we’re at the border earlier than most.

Before reaching the border, we had to stop for fuel. There were several cars (Porsche to be exact) ,  parked at the gasoline station, so all of us went down and posed with those gorgeous vehicles. haha.. Sort of embarrassing, but since we all thought, we’re visitors – no one knows us anyways. 🙂

Our visit to the immigration office was fast. We just handed our passports, had our baggages checked and went back to the bus immediately.

The bridge connecting Singapore and Malaysia, reminded of the San Juanico Bridge. The historical bridge that connects  Samar and Leyte, back in the Philippines.

After crossing the boundary, we stopped at the first restaurant we saw. I guess the driver and Mr. Singh (our tour guide) know the owner, that’s why we were brought there.

I was amazed that they have fried “bolinao” there! 🙂 Since we had no idea what most of the food were, we had to keep on asking. The boy with his little english, kept on telling us “potato” , on most of the fried “something” there.. lol Only to find out that one those “somethings” are fried bananas. hahaha I just found that really funny. I guess, that’s the only english word he knows… It was difficult to know exactly what that was because it looked like “empanada”..

In the Philippines, you would assume that it’s meat with vegetables inside. But abroad, it can be a lot of other things right? Things that I might not want to put in my mouth.. John told me that I will go hungry when we do our Asian trip later this year because I’m so picky. I told him that I cannot eat something I do not know. I’m sorry, some food there just looked different.

When we go to a fast food in our country, the food looks delicious right? Whether it tastes delicious or not, is everyone’s guess.. hehe.

One look at the food there though made me think that I wouldn’t want to taste them. B

The bus trip to Malaysia was a long journey. It’s like travelling from Davao to Cagayan De Oro. It’s at least 6 hours. The good news though is that their roads are impeccable. It’s so clean and wide. And it does not need repairs (hehe.. unlike in our country).. 
The view reminded me of Agusan, Philippines because of the Palm Tree Plantation. For hours, that’s what you will see. Kinda boring I guess for some people. But for me, any new experience, is exciting.




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