Real Estate in Davao, Philippines

This year is my 12th anniversary in Real Estate. Over the years, I have seen the prices of the lots in an exclusive community  sky rocket from P3k per sqm to a maximum of Php15k per sqm. Let’s take Ladislawa Garden Village as an example, a decade ago, the price at Php2,700.00 per sqm was considered expensive. 🙂 Those who did not buy realized that they made a big mistake because as I said the going rate nowadays is between Php14k to Php15k per sqm.

Back then, Cabantian and Buhangin areas were just this simple little barangays with nothing in it.  I remember the first time I went to Cabantian, the road looked like a trail. 🙂 But now, it houses some of the best subdivisions in Davao City, ie: Rancho Palos Verdes (if you like to play golf, you would love the golf course here) , Northcrest  , Priscilla Estate 1 and II, Cecilia Heights 1 and II and Chula Vista.

With all these developments, commercial buildings were constructed. So now, there are  24 hour convenience stores owned by Central Warehouse and NCCC. There’s also mercury drug, Merco (for those who want cakes and pastries) and there’s even an ATM machine in the neighborhood now! Of course, the afternoon wet market is a big help to those who do not buy from the grocery stores in downtown. It seems like there are gasoline stations also in every corner. he..he At the moment, I would say that these subdivisions are the nearest to downtown Davao. Why? because traffic isn’t that bad in this area. Your precious time won’t be eaten on the road for traffic to move. Don’t get me wrong, traffic is nothing compared to Manila. But since we’re used to not having that, we get tired of waiting.. hehe. I guess, Davaoenos are just spoiled huh?!

Well, what can you do.. Davao is such a beautiful place to live in. Crime rate is lower than most cities. So that’s a huge factor. You can walk at nights knowing that no one will mug you. Just don’t bring drugs to Davao ok? And you’ll be fine! 🙂

We’re blessed with bountiful harvest so we have a very long list of different fruits all year round – durian (tastes like heaven but smells like hell 🙂 , pomelo, mangosteen, rambutan, lanzones, mango, etc. And then there’s seafood. If you go to Bankerohan or Agdao markets, you’ll find fresh crabs and prawns for at least P280.00 per kilo ($6.50) . Deep sea fishes like tuna, malasugue, pampano, etc are also very common here. Of course, who wouldn’t want to grill “isda sa bato” as my father calls them..

Most of all, we don’t have typhoons! We have floods due to drainage clogging when there’s a strong rain but no , we have no super typhoons in Davao.

Those are the reasons why Davao City real estate is in demand. And why the prices continue to go up.

There’s a catch though, foreigners who are not married to a Filipino citizen cannot buy land in our country. Some people will tell you there’s a way around it, but I say, there’s none. Unless you’re willing to part with your hard earned money by taking the risk. I won’t . You’ll end up being the biggest loser when you lose your house. So if you’re a single foreigner or a couple who wants to retire in Davao, I suggest that you check the condominium units being sold nowadays. We have:

   Palmetto Place in Maa –

   Magallanes Condo, LinMarr, Camella Northpoint and One Oasis

Those you can buy in your name and have it titled under your name without hassle and headache!

For my kababayans who work abroad, all subdivisions in Davao offer , really good payment schemes these days. Thanks to the competitive market, we can now get  20% downpayment payable in:

    24 months for – Villa Azalea in Maa (we have a few units left)

    18 months for – Villa Senorita in Maa

    12 months for – Villa Monte Maria in Catalunan Grande
                              Hacienda , Bambu Estate, Residencia Del Rio in Catalunan Pequeno
                              Grace Park in Matina Pangi

     3 months for –  Monteritz in Maa
                              La Vista Monte in Matina Balusong

     * NOTE – Please check the House for Sale section of . You’ll find the
                      detailed computations there.

From what I’ve written above, you can already surmise that Davao is booming. 🙂 Specially the real estate industry. And no, there’s no chance (unless there’s a catastrophe beyond our control, God forbid!), no chance at all that prices will drop.

So I invite you all, think of investing now. You will not regret it!

Mabuhay and welcome to Davao, my beloved City! 🙂

Lea C. Walker



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