Lorelie Beach Resort

Lorelie Beach is a relatively new resort in Samal Island, Philippines. According to the staff that I talked to while we were there, they opened sometime in February of 2016. I haven’t heard of it. So it came as a surprise when I found it through agoda.com as I was searching for a beach resort in Samal.

Coming from Sasa Port, we took the Bangayan Ferry. Said trip only took 10 minutes. But prior to that, we had to wait in line for about 20 minutes. Visiting Samal Island these days can be tiring, specially over the weekend where an hour’s wait is pretty normal. It can be longer than that during holidays.

Upon reaching Babak Port, we took the Mambago B route. Check the map below for directions.


There are signages along the way, so it is easy to find actually.

Lorelie Beach Resort is a small place. There are less than 10 rooms in a two storey building/house. So it is perfect for a family gathering. They only have about 50 meters of beach frontage. But it was more than enough for us. The place has an outdoor restaurant which serves good food. They also have a swimming pool.


But the white sand beach looked more inviting,  so we never used their pool.


We arrived past check in time. So our rooms were ready upon arrival. We decided to hide in our rooms while waiting for the scorching sun to fade a little. As I grow older, I noticed that I cannot stand the heat anymore.  I get burned easily too, even with sunscreen. So yes, better be safe than sorry. Hence, we started swimming around 4 in the afternoon already. In the meantime, some photo ops were in order. ha ha

20161130_141115 20161130_134542


The Beach. Was not crowded. 🙂 That’s one of the good things about the place. It’s as if you own the place. We got lucky that day because there were only two groups in the resort. And they were about to leave as we started swimming. The water was clean. It was so clear we could see our feet at the bottom. I didn’t have many pictures though because the sky looked dark. But what we got was more than enough for family memories….




The Food. We ordered Garlic Chicken. Chopsuey. Inihaw na Pork Liempo. And Bihon Guisado for dinner. All of them were good. We discussed of eating at Farmer’s V in Penaplata because we like their food there. But as it turned out, we realized that we made the right decision in ordering from their kitchen than going out.


More Photo Ops while waiting for dinner. 🙂

20161130_171340_001 20161130_171558_001 20161130_171758 20161130_172302



The place was so quiet during night time. I’m glad there was no videoke in the resort. And did not hear from the neighboring resorts as well. What gets to me sometimes are people from neighboring properties singing to their heart’s content late at night. It is irritating when you want to sleep already. Specially when they shout at the top of their voice and well, they cannot sing. It sounds like someone’s being killed while everybody’s listening. ha ha

We finally called it a night around 9pm.

DAY 2: 

Sunrise was great at the resort.  The sky was painted with a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors at first… 20161201_052158

And when the sun finally came out , it just felt glorious. Specially with the birds chirping. What an awesome way to start the day! 🙂

img_9372 img_9381

Before breakfast, we decided to take a dip again while the sun isn’t that hot yet. 🙂

img_9408 img_9409


Our booking came with breakfast. It consisted of either Fried Marinated Bangus or Corned Beef with fried rice. Fresh Fruit and Juice. For P2500 to 3,000.00 /night for a family room that can accommodate 4 people, I think it is cheap considering that it came with breakfast.

20161201_074222 20161201_073820


The Resort.

15327303_10210378073755741_4203403752091100343_n img_9397 img_9398

Papa,  enjoying the early morning view. 🙂20161201_060307

We left the resort around 10:00 am.  Time to go to work. 🙂 Yep, I was just waiting for the hubby to arrive so we can look at some properties. As you know, he is not a beach person. So he just stayed home and met us the next day.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to mix our work with pleasure….

And oh, would I come back here in the future? You bet, I would. Hopefully, it will still be the same as I remember it. And no loud videoke please….. 🙂




Lea C. Walker






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