An Example of Philippine Journalism

Recently, President Duterte was bashed once again, for supposedly saying that President Barack Obama is “bastos”, which means “rude” in English.

I have read so many comments on social media, for and against our President. I have Filipino friends from the US who also commented negatively about what happened.

In the interest of fairness and to also set the record straight, please read the apology of the anchorman who read the wrong content on his breaking news. Therefore, creating a sensationalized news which of course, got printed in the mainstream media both local and abroad.

Full story can be found here –

The Anchorman, Mr. Ed Lingao, issued a public apology through his Facebook page , saying:


I am not going to bash Mr. Lingao because a) that is not who I am and b) we all make mistakes. Cast the first stone to those who have not as Jesus said in the bible. 

But this is my take on the matter…

I have always wanted to become a journalist. Even if I took a different course in college, the love for writing never really faded. Hence, this blog. I always thought journalism is a noble profession. But since the campaign period this year, the mainstream media in our country has shown so many lies by cutting off the real message. And normally  prints the provocative words or phrase to create a bigger and more sensationalized news.

The dictionary’s definition of the word sensationalize says this:sensationalized

With what has been happening and what has happened this time,  the inaccuracy of the news created unjust trouble to the Philippine President.

So I am hoping that all our journalists will double check their information first and be responsible in what they present to the public. There are children all over the world who look up to you. As in my case when I was a lot younger. My admiration to the industry is the reason why I fell in love with writing. And it hurts me to see that the news these days are out for sensationalism and not the truth.

I may be naive in saying this, but I pray that one day, everything will change. We may not be able to see good news all the time. But at least , we know that what we are reading is the truth.

To all my friends and readers of this blog, let us try to promote more love. Our world has bigger problems than this. So instead of sowing hatred, let us first try to understand what happened and let us always search for the truth before we condemn and judge.

Thank you.

And oh.. this is what President Obama’s response to the above mentioned inaccurate report:


Now, that’s what I call professionalism in action.





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1 Response to An Example of Philippine Journalism

  1. It is sad that a lot of us are easy to judge what other people do and not careful with what we do ourselves. We are always claiming that we are the only Cahtolic nation in the Far East and yet we are very critical of other people. We have to learn to be gentle with others and accept that nobody is flawless. Please keep praying to the Holy Spirit that we learn to be gentle and forgiving for people who commit mistakes.


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