Samal Island / Secdea Beach Resort – March 2015

I was feeling restless and so tired. I haven’t had a real rest since our New Year get-away last January.

My sister, whose birthday is this month said that she’s been thinking of going back to Secdea for her celebration. Her reply was “soon”, when I asked her when.

And soon was today, obviously.  Thank God! 🙂

We left for the island around 9 in the morning. Travel time – 10 minutes from the ferry port. There’s no long line if it isn’t summer or major holidays, that’s why.  We proceeded to Babak market and bought pork,  for grilling. Mangoes, for dessert. Then, rice and corn meal. For our family, that’s a treat. ha ha. Honestly, I love grilled pork partnered with corn meal. I don’t know why, but that’s the best combination ever.

From there, our next destination was , the “kubo” in Mambago A, Penaplata. That’s the big property , overlooking the sea, along the National Highway before reaching Central Warehouse.  Okay , a little advertisement here.  We still have lots for sale available,  priced at P345,000.00 – above , for a 150sqm. lot payable in 3-20 years. We offer a straight monthly payment scheme. Please email for your inquiries. And yes, we have clean titles. 🙂

Moving on, everyone got busy with the lunch preparation after reaching Mambago. As for me, I went to the newest property we bought nearby and checked its progress.

By the time I was done, lunch was ready.

I am so happy! Why? Because finally I am able to relax. Having our own business have perks. But comes with it are lots of responsibilities and obligations, from all directions. And well, there’s the BS I get to deal with too. 🙂 All of those put together get to me sometimes. So I need to breath and recharge. And then all is alright with the world again. My world, that is…  🙂

Here are some of the photos during that day.

Blaire and I at the Nipa Hut in Mambago.


The birthday celebrant and I. 🙂



After lunch, we proceeded to Secdea Beach Resort in Brgy. San Isidro, Babak , Samal. Check in was fast and so easy. We were immediately led to the Seabreeze Cottage we rented for one night. It’s a 2 bedroom , 2 bathroom bungalow type cottage with a large verandah. And is ideal for a large family.

I know we just ate. But well, my sister and I , booked for dinner before proceeding to the fishing lagoon. The resort was full. So it’s better to be prepared than be sorry, so to speak. ha ha…

The lagoon looked so nice with it surrounding nipa huts. There are golden and native tilapias. We were told that there are “bangus” (milkfish). But I did not see them. Unlike in Eden Nature Resort or Banana Beach Resort, we found it so difficult to catch some fish in Secdea. So we finally gave up, after some photo op. lol


IMG_5740 IMG_5739 IMG_5730

Late in the afternoon, we headed to the pool. My nephews had super fun playing and swimming.  While mama, my sister and I just relaxed in their lounge chairs.




And I got me a bottle of apple beer at the restaurant. 🙂 Yeah I know, I am lame.  And so boring.  I don’t drink. Don’t smoke. Don’t gamble. Don’t do much, except work. ha ha…


Dinner time came. We had it served in the cottage. That way, the senior citizens won’t have a hard time going to the restaurant and back.

The food was good. I specifically like the grilled seafood and meat served in a bilao. It had mangga and bagoong too! 🙂 The native chicken soup, didn’t like it much. I think it needed a little salt. But the pancit canton, pinakbet and lechon kawali were delicious. 🙂


After a dessert of rocky road ice cream and a good night conversation with the hubby, my day was complete. 🙂 He decided to stay home because his gadgets from the US arrived. The difference between him and me, he doesn’t want to wait. He won’t be able to relax until he knows that everything he needs to do is done. Yes, that’s an American for you. 🙂


Secdea Day 2:

I wake up really early, everyday. But today, my nephew Blaire, beat me to it. 🙂 We agreed last night to check the sunrise the next day. So he’s up and about before 5 in the morning.



Golden sunrise at Secdea. The last time we were there, it was a combination of pink and red. It was so beautiful too. One thing I can say, this is just one of the many facets of nature.

IMG_5846 IMG_5843 IMG_5836

Breakfast in Secdea starts at 6:30am and ends by 9 in the morning. The family decided to eat early because a) mama and I wanted to join the mass and b) the kids wanted to play more in the pool before going home.

So after a sumptuous buffet breakfast of ham, sausage, hotdog, fried danggit (dried fish)boiled and fried egg with sinangag – mama and I proceeded to the chapel. This is one of the newly added developments in Secdea. Right now, they are building more rooms and cottages. And 3 new swimming pools. Those are supposed to open before the Holy Week in April. So if you have plans of visiting Secdea, book your holy week get-away as early as now. Believe me, they are fully booked most of the time.



The mass was officiated by Fr. Ariel, a visitor from Manila and his friend, Fr. Ronald, who is the head of the Rogationist School in Baracatan , Toril.

The homily given by Fr. Ariel was a combination of funny and serious sermon. But what he said struck home.


“To listen in the silence of your heart can you only hear and obey the words of God” – were his parting words.

Our family get-away was an impromptu decision. But I could say that it was meant to be. God put me where he wanted me to be at the right time and place. To give me time to rest, to meditate and listen to his words.

Thank you for such blessings Lord.




Lea C. Walker






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