The Year That Was…

Taken at Bear Lake, Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

Taken at Bear Lake, Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

I just came from our high school reunion.  I was asked to give a Testimonial, in honor of our teachers. And somehow it put me on a thinking mode.

High school for me was fun. Despite all the hardships I went through. Looking back, I realized that there is a reason for everything and why things happen the way they do. Those experiences  made me stronger and a better person. I was a consistent honor student. Which paved the way for scholarships that paid for high school and college.   When you come from a poor family, that matters. A lot. I thank God for such blessings.

Dreams, indeed do come true. But its realization does not happen overnight. I love reading books. And in one of the books I read, the dream of seeing the Rocky Mountains was born. In my mind, I had an idea of what to expect. But when it finally happened in 2013, it blew my mind. What I thought I would see was nothing compared to what was infront of me. Those snow capped mountains coupled with the fresh pine tree scent, the cool breeze of the air blowing in my face, the snowflakes falling on me… the call of the wind… made me shed a tear.

There is a God who loves me ,  granted my heart’s desire. And more.

Not many Filipinos, specially one that came from the province, has experienced what I had. It’s been at least a month since I got back from America, but I am still overwhelmed with the red mountains in Arizona. With the exquisite and majestic beauty of the Grand Tetons. With the rutting elks, moose and antelopes, sweetly calling for their mates. The song of these animals sent shivers down my spine. The word amazing is an understatement. And then there was the crystal clear waters at the bottom of the King’s Canyon. The giant Sequioa trees that left me speechless. The fun in watching the squirrels jump from tree to tree. I am smiling as I write this now. That’s how vivid the memories I have of our road trip still.

Ahh… 2013, the year that was… My country has suffered a lot of trials this year. Specially when typhoon Haiyan hit the Visayas region. But the Filipinos’ resilience will always help us to stand up once again. With a smile on our faces.

As 2014 approaches, I would like to pray for all of us. That all our dreams will come true. That we will forgive those who hurt us. That we will let go of the baggages that hinder our growth. That we will learn to be more loving, more patient,  more understanding and more tolerant. That we will do our best to live our lives to the fullest. That we will go for what we want. That we will try to help others more. That we will strive to be the best that we can be. In anything. And in everything that we do.

My family and friends, as we leave 2013 behind, let us celebrate.  We all survived! Thank God. 🙂

To 2014 and the blessings it brings, CHEERS!

Advance happy new year everyone! 🙂

Lea C. Walker


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