US Roadtrip – Prescott, Arizona

The State of Arizona is one of the most beautiful places  I’ve been to in my lifetime. Its landscape is out of this world… In some areas, I felt like we were on another planet. Seriously!

You know, those sci-fi movies, must have been shot there. ha ha

This is where I got introduced to US 89 Route as well. We left Interstate 40 and entered into US 89 in Ashfork, AZ.

The first thing I noticed were the pine trees. I wondered how can they thrive in the dessert? I always thought they only live in  cold places. I’m sure this place is super hot in summer right?

And then the rock formations. The ones in Prescott, the 1st part of US 89 route is nothing compared to the rest of Arizona. You just have to come back and check the rest of the photos in my next blogs. 🙂

So let me take you down  memory lane….


Arizona Arizona

John with the Colorado River on the back ground.

IMG_1257 Arizona

I am still amazed when I think of the rock formation in Arizona.


The US Shutdown happened during our vacation. 😦 We were supposed to stay at the Grand Canyon but had to cancel our booking because the park was closed. Sad right? We planned this roadtrip for almost a year. And that plan went down the drain because like children, the politicians in the white house could not put their act together. Ridiculous and stupid! I guess politics are the same wherever we go huh?!

Grand Canyon was closed because of the US shutdown.

Grand Canyon was closed because of the US shutdown.

You know, other than the panoramic view , what I love most about this trip was the roads. Wherever we went, even at 14,000 feet above sea level, the roads are well maintained!
And I just have to say this, I commend the americans for being  respectful and considerate drivers. I know, there are some who aren’t. But I can safely say that at least 90% of them are really nice. It isn’t scary to drive there at all. I finally understood what  John told me a million times everytime we travel in the Philippines.  Driving in most places in the US is relaxing. And I agree with him, 100%.

IMG_1286 Arizona

See the rocks above? They look pretty right? I wonder how they came to be?  lol . John was laughing at me because he could not believe that I love rocks that much. ha ha

The building below is in Prescott, Arizona. I like the brick design. 🙂

Prescott, Arizona

We have arrived.

This is where we will be staying for a few days. While waiting for the shutdown to be over. Little did I know that it was  wishful thinking. The shutdown ended when we were in Colorado Springs already. Ahh.. but that’s another story in the near future. 🙂


In the meantime, let me go back to Prescott. 🙂

Our host , happens to be a client way back in the Philippines. Skip became our friend over time though. When he found out that we were doing a roadtrip, he insisted that we stay in his house.

Honestly, I loved our stay in Prescott. Skip’s house was surrounded by hills. I found myself sitting in his verandah every morning ,  listening to humming birds. They’re so cute! Have you ever seen a humming bird?

They float on air and were continuously buzzing!  ha ha It was my first time to see them. So it was really fun watching them. 🙂

Prescott, Arizona

I saw a blue jay too. And a wood pecker. And rabbits! 🙂 This maybe boring to you my friends, but I consider those awesome. ha ha …

Humming bird.

Humming bird.

Blue Jay.

Blue Jay.

One of the rabbits. :)

One of the rabbits. 🙂

Skip's House.

Skip’s House.

After 3 days, it was time for us to leave. Of course, the parks were still close. But around this time, I have somehow accepted already that the rest of our roadtrip, like the government , has shutdown.

That didn’t stop us though from having a good time. We had some picture taking before we left. Skip prepared a really nice breakfast. He’s so nice he gave me a “baon” too. A pack of blue berry cheesecake and rolls. Sweet right?! He bought so many groceries for our visit. Made us feel like we were supposed to stay for weeks. ha ha

Skip and John

Skip and John

I love his kitchen!

Skip and I.

Skip and I.

To Skip, thank you for being a good friend and a wonderful host. I hope we can return the favor someday. I don’t know how since you’re not coming back to the Philippines. But hopefully, we will be able to.

Despite the government shutdown, our roadtrip is far from over! 🙂 Believe me…

Lea C. Walker


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