Swiss Deli

We normally go to Swiss Deli to buy their meat products. I like their bacon. While John likes their hotdog and smoked farmer’s ham. 🙂

But today, let me share with you a different facet of Swiss Deli. Their restaurant.

They offer breakfast starting at 8:30 in the morning. Then lunch and dinner after that.

We usually visit them after work, before going home. That way, I do not have to cook anymore. 🙂

Here’s a sample of what they offer:

Specialty of the Day. :)

Specialty of the Day. 🙂


I ordered the beef cutlet with garlic butter, which I found delicious. 🙂

Beef Cutlet with Garlic Butter.

Beef Cutlet with Garlic Butter.

But I was a bit disappointed for John. I expected the real meatloaf. You know the one with ground beef, etc. Freshly cooked. What was served to us came from their preserved meatloaf. I did not expect that. At all. 😦

Meatloaf with Panfried Potato and Egg.

Meatloaf with Panfried Potato and Egg.

John was so looking forward to the real meatloaf. lol.. You should have seen his face when this was served to him. We have to remember not to order it next time.

We both liked their cream cheese pie…

Cream Cheese Pie

Cream Cheese Pie

And this… 🙂

Swiss Deli

Swiss Deli is located in Damosa , Lanang, Davao City.

You will see their meat products in SM (both in Ecoland and Lanang branches) , Robinsons (Cybergate and Abreeza)  and Gaisano  Mall Supermarket.




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